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Yurbuds Inspire 100 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones Review

Editor rating – 4.0/5


  • Twist Lock Technology works great and they stay safely in place
  • Highly resistant to moisture and sweat
  • Great for sports and outdoor use


  • Misleading name
  • Sound quality leaves a lot to be desired


Yurbuds Inspire 100 are not without a few problems. They lack in sound quality and especially lower frequencies. While this is something that can be easily overlooked given their affordable price, it has to be considered given how many alternative are on the market. When we put the sound aside, we end up with a great pair of sports and outdoor earbuds that stays securely in ears and is highly resistant to moisture and sweat. Overall, Inspire 100 are great for bike or gym but not for leisure and analytical listening.

There is no denying that good exercise music can help you get in the zone and really push hard on those few last reps or miles. Yurbuds Inspire 100 are made for extreme workouts with a promise of high sweat and moisture resistance.


The design of Yurbuds Inspire 100 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones fits their purpose. They are, above all, a pair of sports and outdoors earbuds. That means that great fit and lightweight constructions are the most important aspects.

If you look carefully, you will notice that they are basically a regular cheap earbuds with an extra sleeve on top. The sleeve has a funny shape to it, but since it is actually completely hidden in your ears, it doesn’t really matter at all. You can choose from many different colors and their combination to match Yurbuds with your style.

Build quality

Their construction is completely plastic, which means that they are lightweight and slightly less durable than many other earbuds on the market. When we say durable, we mean how they can handle physical damage, being tossed at the bottom of a backpack or pocket, and so on.

Yurbuds Inspire 100 Noise Isolating earbuds are actually highly durable in terms of water and sweat resistance. Designed for sports, they can easily survive ungodly amounts of sweat and moisture. No matter how much you sweat, they always maintain their sound quality and never succumb to any distortions at all.


Sadly, the weakest part of these earbuds is their sound quality. All frequencies sound muddy and not clear at all. This is definitely the worst when it comes to bass. It lacks punch, impact, and clarity. Listening to dynamic music sounds very dull and almost unpleasant. Some genres like pop and ambient sound considerably better, but it still isn’t something worth any praise.

When used during sports activities outside or in a gym, their bad sound quality becomes much less noticeable. You can even completely forget about any limitations and just immerse yourself in your workout. So, unless you want to use them for other purposes other than sports, Yurbuds Inspire 100 Noise Isolating In-Ear Headphones do a reasonably good job.

What is in the box?

These earbuds don’t come with any accessories at all. At least one spear pair of replaceable ear tips would be a great addition, especially considering that it’s not hard to lose them.

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