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Xiaomi Mi USB Type-C ANC Earphones Review

Editor rating: 3.9/5


  • Noise canceling features
  • Type C connectivity
  • Hybrid earphones
  • Powerful sounds


  • The bass is not that good


Would you get the Xiaomi Mi ANC? If you don’t really care about bass in general, you will be quite happy with the Xiaomi Mi ANC earbuds. They weren’t created with a huge focus on bass, and that can be a problem for some people. But if that’s not really a very important thing for you, then the value you will receive will be a stellar one. And that’s by far a crucial aspect to keep in mind if you want to purchase the Xiaomi Mi ANC!

Xiaomi Mi Type-C ANC earbuds is one of the latest earphone models that you can find on the market. This is the type of thing you will like a lot, especially because it brings in front so much quality and value in that perspective. Being able to invest in some good earphones is important, and this particular model seems to offer all the stuff you want.


The Xiaomi Mi ANC in-ear headphones comes with a very simplistic design. The price tag is a good one, and despite the fact that most of their competition stick with the regular stuff, in this case you still get a very impressive value and quality without any hassle. What you will notice here is that they do have a type C connectivity for charging. That is a good thing and it definitely complements and adds up to the entire design quite a lot.

Sound quality and features

Of course, when you want to get new earphones, your focus has to be on professionalism, value and quality. It’s crucial to know what you want to invest in and what you get in return. From the Xiaomi Mi ANC you get quite a lot of stuff. First you will notice that the sound quality is impressive and you can easily hear the mids and highs without hassle. The lows are also pretty well showcased, although things could be a bit better here, and that’s still ok if you think about it.

The noise cancelling is one of those things that do add up to the entire experience and make it more comprehensive. You just have to realize, the quality is indeed a good one and quite prevalent, but there are some challenges to consider with that as well, so try to keep that in mind if you can.

Also, they have a titanium plated metal chamber. That’s designed to offer more value and professionalism to the unit. Plus, it also enhances the sound quality to the point where you can get a much better experience all the time.

What’s in the box?

There are lots of eartips, the charger and a few other small extras. Sure, it’s not the ultimate earphone box in the world, but you do have quite a lot of stuff and the ROI can definitely be huge in this perspective. It’s a good value for the money, and Xiaomi does know how to deliver great and professional packaging.

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