Urban Vinyl Classics Real Wood Over-Ear Headphones Review

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4.5/5 on August 1, 2016 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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  • Classic design
  • Large, comfortable earpads
  • Real wood
  • Excellent passive noise canceling


  • Non-removable cable


This how a well-executed pair of vintage headphones should look like. With their stunning use of real wood and excellent passive noise cancellation, the Urban Vinyl Classics are destined to be put to a good use by people living in trendy urban apartments shared with roommates. Their faithful delivery also makes them usable as studio monitors.

Retro wooden design – check; large 50mm drivers – check; excellent comfort suitable for long home listening – check. Such are some of the individual elements that make the Urban Vinyl Classics so attractive. These headphones are for those who can appreciate the beauty of vinyl records and timbre of vintage instruments. And unlike most headphones with similar properties, the Urban Vinyl Classics don’t come with an absurdly high price tag.

Design and build quality

It’s impossible to talk about these headphones without mentioning their wooden design. The textured wood coated with a generous layer of protective finish looks gorgeous and gives each pair its own distinct look. The headband is made out of plastic materials and metal reinforcement. Its memory foam padding is firm but comfortable, thus nicely complementing the rest of the headphones.

The earpads are very large, moderately soft, and let in enough air to avoid making you feel hot. You can remove them for comfortable cleaning and access to the inner chamber. Modifications are definitely possible, but the default sound will probably suit most listeners.

The non-removable cable is then perhaps the only thing that could be improved with a Dremel tool and basic soldering skills. By making the cable removable, a wide range of possibilities will open up, including portable use and coiled cables for home drum practice.

To sum everything up, both the construction and the design of the Urban Vinyl Classics deserves a lot of praise. This is not the flimsy, cheesy kind of retro-styled headphones.

Sound quality

For a closed-back dynamic stereo headphones, the Urban Vinyl Classics deliver exceptional clarity and rich bass response, not to mention detailed high frequencies. That’s mainly because of the large 50mm drivers capable of producing punchy bass that doesn’t bleed over to other parts of the frequency spectrum.

A good sense of space is preserved, despite the high amount of passive noise isolation. Actually, the soundstage almost appears to be even wider, thanks to the complete separation from your surroundings. You will feel like you are in your own dimension of sound and musical joy.

What’s in the box?

Apart from the headphones themselves, you also get an adaptor for your home stereo system.

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