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TrebLab XR100 Sweat-Proof Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Editor rating – 4/5


  • Fantastic instrument separation
  • Warm sound signature
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable


  • Sound leakage at higher volumes


The constant advancement of technology means that manufacturers have a never-ending supply of potential marketing claims they can use to lure in customers and convince them their products are superior to any other. More specifically, the recent surge in popularity of dual-driver earbuds made a good chunk of customers shy away from single-driver earbuds. The TREBLAB XR100 show the whole world that single-driver headphones have plenty to offer and can even easily outperform many dual-driver earbuds on the market. Furthermore, their warm sound signature makes them ideal for intensive gym workouts where you just want to get in your groove.

Selecting the best Bluetooth earbuds for the gym can get quite tricky. On one hand you want a sound that can make your heart beat a bit faster, but, on the other hand, you don’t want to sacrifice sound clarity and details. For many people, the one sure answer are headphones with warm sound signature, like the TREBLAB XR100 Sweat-Proof Bluetooth Earbuds.

Design and build quality

Don’t you just love IPX4 sweat-proof earbuds? Wait, you haven’t tried them yet? Then it’s time you buy the TREBLAB XR100 Sweat-Proof Bluetooth earbuds and experience what it’s like to be able to exercise in the rain or during the hottest summer months – all without worries about the durability of the earbuds.

Of course, water and sweat are only one of many possible dangers that Bluetooth headphones and earbuds have to face on a daily basis. The second most significant is the potential damage that could occur from the earbuds falling on the ground. Luckily, the soft rubber finish and silicone earbuds do a very good job of keeping the XR100 securely in place, so you can tirelessly wear them all day. The built-in hooks provide further support for maximum comfort.

You can listen to up to 9 hours of music on a single charge, which takes just 2 hours. This places the TREBLAB earbuds at the very top what battery duration charts for compact Bluetooth earbuds. The battery life is even more impressive when you take into account that TREBLAB still managed to squeeze in comfortable buttons for volume and music playback control and a high-quality microphone for hands-free phone calls.

Sound quality

The XR100 are bass-heavy headphones with warm sound signature. They don’t offer much in terms of treble, but they make up for it with the sheer amount of fun they can provide.

Included in the package are expandable foam eartips, which do a good job of isolating all unwanted outside noise. However, you still get to experience some sound leakage when you crank up the volume. We don’t think that anyone in your gym would mind, but we thought you should know.

What’s in the box?

The packaging includes everything you might need except for one thing: a USB cable for charging. Instead, you get a hard-shell case and a set of replaceable eartips, but you will have to dig into your own supplies to charge the earbuds.

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