Symphonized NRG S Genuine Wood Bluetooth Earbuds Review


Editor rating

4/5 on July 27, 2018 Reviewed by: George A Turner

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144 reviews


  • Great style and good performance
  • Light and easy to wear
  • Ergonomic design
  • Up to 6 hours of play time


  • The wood added here can degrade in time
  • Bass power is not that impressive


The Symphonized NRG S Genuine Wood Bluetooth Earbuds are a great purchase for people that enjoy sports and always want to break the boundaries. It’s a great purchase for sports enthusiasts, and it brings in front a nice way to stay in shape while also listening to your favorite music!

Sometimes the best design for earbuds is the one that no one is thinking about. That’s why the Symphonized NRG S Genuine Wood Bluetooth Earbuds are a great option because they actively integrated genuine wood into their design. But is this changing the performance or value in any way?

Design and build quality

As we mentioned earlier, the fact that these earbuds include natural wood is nothing short of amazing. It just goes to show that you can find some amazing results and the value as a whole is among some of the best out there. The wood included here actually makes the experience a lot more rewarding than you would imagine.

Sound quality and futures

The Symphonized NRG S earbuds comes with some great tones from a visual standpoint. But that also translates into the sound quality too. You will see that the high fidelity sound is accompanied with a really good and deep bass. The audio quality is similar to what you can hear in the studio, which is actually very good for this price.

You will like the fact that these Symphonized NRG S earphones have noise isolation too. It’s hard to think that you would have such benefits at this price, but the return on investment can be a good one. It’s certainly something you need to think about, so try to use that to your own advantage.

Aside from that, the Symphonized NRG S Genuine Wood Bluetooth Earbuds are very secure and ergonomic. The way you use them makes these very comfortable, and they won’t fall from your ears too, which is incredibly important to take into consideration. There are also in volume controls and a variety of other features that really stand out in this regard. Overall, the experience is a good one, and that’s exactly what you need to focus on.

What about the play time? You can use these for 6 hours without an issue. That being said, if the sound volume is higher, then the battery life will be lower. The battery charge will require around 2 hours.

What is in the box?

You will get the Symphonized NRG S themselves, some replacement ear tips, a dedicated clip to pin the unit to your clothes as well as a charging cable. It’s a small package, but you don’t need a whole lot for these, and at this price is pretty much a great purchase.