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Sony MDR-XB700 Extra Bass Over-Ear Headphones Review

Editor rating – 4.5/5


  • Superb comfort
  • Fun sound signature
  • Clean, powerful bass that is not rivaled by anything else in this price range
  • Elegant design


  • Rather heavy for long-term use


The Sony MDRXB700 headphones set a new standard when it comes to comfort. Listening for long hours or even the entire day is as comfortable experience as it can be. Coupled with their fun sound signature and powerful bass, it quickly becomes clear that Sony has another world-class product on their resume.

Sony, the beloved electronics manufacturer, is widely known for making high-quality audio equipment that shines above the competition with its fantastic build quality and durability. The MDRXB700 are a rugged pair of headphones with large earcups for maximum comfort. If you are after a comfortable pair of headphones for use at home, these could be the right choice for you.

Design and build quality

The Sony MDRXB700 are as luxurious as they are durable. The combination of the around-the-ear wearing style with the generous use of stainless steel really makes you feel like you got your money’s worth. Not only are all materials resistant to scratching and dust, but they are also easy to clean with nothing more than a microfiber cloth.

The king-size ear cushions look ridiculously large and will probably convince you not to ever take these headphones with you outside. The cushions are almost as big as a CD, which may not be immediately apparent from the product pictures alone. The specifications list the cushion diameter at 4.3″ (a regular-sized CD measures 4.7″).

However, all the extra size and padding make for superb comfort that’s unlike anything else we ever had the pleasure to try. Your ears will feel like they are being cuddled by a pair of fluffy puppies made out of marshmallows. If you use headphones for work, the Sony MDRXB700 will give you all the necessary comfort for staying productive throughout your day.

For headphones suitable mostly for home listening, the cord is surprisingly short – measuring just 1.2 meters. Its flat design effectively minimizes tangling and reduces microphonics to nothing. The cord is terminated with an L-shaped plug.

Sound quality

Sony used an oxygen-free copper (OFC) voice coil for clear sound with no degradation and a pair of enormous 50mm driver units for generous bass performance. The headphones are designed to handle up to 3000mW of power, making them stand out in terms of raw power, but rendering them only half as good as they can be when used without a headphone amp. Most portable playback devices simply lack the power it takes to make the large drivers move and respond with agility and accuracy.

The direct vibe structure provides a tightly sealed acoustic design that allows for a high level of sound isolation, producing a powerful and extended bass sound. Put on your favorite bass-heavy album and experience the full beauty of the non-fatiguing bass.

Unsurprisingly, the overall sound is hardly analytical. Instead, we are talking about a slightly dark and warm sound signature that feels cozy and soothing.

What’s in the box?

The box the Sony MDR-XB700 Extra Bass headphones come in contains a carrying pouch, an instruction manual, and a warranty.

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