Sony MDR-NC300D Noise-Canceling In-Ear Headphones Review


  • Very compact and lightweight
  • 16mm drivers producing rich sound
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Can reduce ambient noise
  • Monitor switch for hearing surroundings better
  • Uses only one AA battery
  • Includes accessories


  • Can be dangerous if used by people who walk on the road due to strong noise cancellation


If you’re having a hard time finding the right in-ear headphones that offer the quality to suit your needs and the ability to match your music taste, Sony MDR-NC 300D earbuds are an ideal choice.

They feature drivers that provide a rich sound while the active noise cancellation will protect your ears no matter where you are at.

With plenty of controls, you get the full control over the music you’re listening to.

Sony is really working hard at delivering compact in-ear headphones that come with the technology of on-ear headphones, including noise cancelation and artificial sound intelligence.

These Sony stereo in-ear headphones feature everything an audiophile would want to have and get from in-ear headphones.

If you’re looking to get quality sound delivered when you’re on a go, Sony MDR-NC 300D Noise cancelling headphones should be your choice.

Design and Build Quality

From far away, as soon as you spot Sony stereo in-ear headphones, you’ll definitely recognize their brand through their design.

They’re made out of robust plastic that looks very similar to metal because of the color and paintwork, and they’re combined with sleek rubber to provide the most effective and durable results to users.

Even though these Sony stereo in-ear headphones come in only one color, it’s a color that isn’t made to draw a lot of attention but will still attract eyes. Also, it goes really well with any look, so there’s no worrying about matching it with your outfits.

Ear buds are made from a silicone material that feels comfortable inside the ear and fit snug so you don’t need to worry about them falling out.

Since they offer amazing audio quality, they’re mostly used by audiophiles for many different music needs, but they will fit any other regular uses and needs, such as headphones for office, a car, or even a gym.

The cable is really well made and it’s rubberized with a quality type of rubber to decrease tangling when you bundle the cable together.

Sound Quality and Features

Sony MDR-NC 300D in-ear headphones provide a really great audio quality in combination with a great ambient noise reduction, packed in a compact and lightweight design.

What makes this sound really worth the money is the 16mm drivers that are made to produce a rich and detailed sound with an ultra-wide sound frequency response.

Sony has made a great feature in order to suit these headphones to audiophiles who love music of different genres. Now, you can choose between three different modes that will perfectly suit your listening situation. The three available modes are Normal, Movie, and Bass.

Therefore, this in-ear headphones offer the suited sound to everyone, no matter where you are at.

What is in The Box?

When you make a purchase and receive the official Sony package, you will get the Sony MDR-NC 300D noise cancelling in-ear headphones, carrying case, 7 pairs of ear tips, airplane adapter, extension cable, cord adjuster, AA battery, and a limited warranty.