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Skullcandy Titan Earbuds Review

Editor rating – 4.3/5


  • The built-in microphone works great with Android and iOS
  • Very powerful bass
  • Fun to listen to even for long hours


  • Lack of proper strain relieves on the cable


Skullcandy Titan is a good pair of sturdy earbuds that you can safely neglect and just carelessly toss around. Given their lack of proper strain relieves on the cable, you might think that it would get easily damaged. That doesn’t seem to be the case and Titans proved to be an exceptionally well-built pair of bass-heavy earbuds. Recommended for those who value high build quality and long service time.

Everybody has been expecting a review of Skullcandy Titan In-Ear Headphones and we are proud to say that it is finally here. Let’s take a look how these earbuds live up to all the hype and positive comments that have been floating around online.


The all metal construction is the most dominating aspect of Skullcandy Titan’s design. The metallic case looks very rugged and tough. This makes these earbuds look somewhat industrial (at least with the black and silver color version).

You can choose from six different colors including black, chrome, copper, magenta/gray, red, and white. They all look very good and we especially like the gray/magenta/chrome combination. The stripped blue cable looks unique and unlike anything you would normally see on earbuds.

Build quality

As you might expect from a full metal earphones, the build quality is very good. We were at first surprised by the lack of proper strain relieves on the cable, but it turns out that it’s not a problem in practice.

The cable itself is much more durable than what you usually find on many other cheap earbuds and unless you treat these earbuds very harshly you should not have any problems at all. The included silicone gel ear tips fit perfectly and do a very good job isolating outside noise and keep the earbuds in one place.


We like to say that Skullcandy Titan sound just as they look. The incredibly powerful base will make your whole body vibrate to the rhythm of your music. It’s deep, loud, and very exciting.

Listening to music that doesn’t have much sub-bass frequencies in it is almost a sin with these earbuds. Going on a long dubstep and drum and bass binges is a just a regular symptom of owning Skullcandy Titan earbuds. You can definitely comfortably listen to any music genre out there, but you probably won’t.

Mids are a tiny bit recessed, which becomes apparent predominantly with male vocals. You will not notice it unless you really know what to listen to, but once you do, it may bug you during future listening. High frequencies are not exactly analytical or very accurate, but that’s not a problem.

These earbuds won’t in most cases be paired with music that truly depends on an accurate representation of highs. For all they are worth, Skullcandy Titan is a really good sounding pair of earbuds with a mainstream sound signature that will please the vast majority of listeners.

What is in the box?

Titans come with three pairs of replaceable ear tips to accommodate all ear sizes and shapes.

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