Shure SRH145 Portable Collapsible Closed-Back Headphones Review


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4/5 on November 9, 2016 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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177 reviews


  • Large, bassy sound
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Great ambient noise isolation


  • Underwhelming design and construction


The Shure SRH145 deliver an overwhelming listening experience in an underwhelming package. The legendary Shure quality is there—you just won’t find it without actually putting the headphones on and playing a few of your favorite songs. That being said, if you treat the headphones gently and keep in mind that their plastic construction can take only so much abuse, they will absolutely make you a happy customer.

Founded by Sidney N. Shure in Chicago, Shure has been one of the leading manufacturers of microphones, wireless microphone systems, phonograph cartridges, headphones, high-end earphones, and personal monitor systems. Many of their products are on wishlists of audiophiles and audio professionals, but the company also has a range of much more affordable products for the average customer. Among them are the Shure SRH145 Portable Collapsible Closed-Back Headphones.

For less than $40, Shure promises to deliver rich bass with full-range audio in a highly portable package aimed at urban commuters, students, and casual listeners.

Build and Design

Clearly inspired by Beats, the SRH145 sport a slick, foldable construction with a very minimalistic look. Well, it looks slicks on the promotional pictures. In reality, the 5.28 ounces heavy frame truly makes you feel like you are holding a pair of budget headphones—which you are, after all.

Beats was criticized for artificially increasing the weight of their headphones by placing metal inserts in the earcups. The practice might seem somewhat dishonest, but it’s nonetheless effective. Heavier headphones really make you feel like you are getting more value for your money and give you a certain confidence in their ability to withstand daily use.

The upside of the SRH145’s lightweight construction is how comfortable they are. Their padded headband ensures an ergonomic and secure fit, while the plush, pleather earpads feel like two silky pillows. Thanks to the closed-back construction, you also get to enjoy great passive ambient noise isolation, making the Shure SRH145 suitable even for office workers and college students who have to put up with noisy roommates.

With its length of five feet, the fixed headphone cable is long enough for home listening yet short enough not to get in your way while on the move. The cable is terminated with a right-angled jack and don’t waste your time looking for a built-in microphone or volume control buttons—there are none. At this price point, we don’t see it as a problem. As long as the cable is durable, which it appears to be, we are happy.

Sound Quality

The SRH145 feature 36mm dynamic drivers with a frequency response of 25Hz to 18kHz and a top SPL of 100dB. The sound signature is characterized by a punchy, full bass that, when paired with the right song, is guaranteed to make your feet tap in synch with each beat.

High-end products from Shure are often praised for their crystal-clear top end. Unfortunately, the company apparently couldn’t achieve the same level of audio fidelity on such a tight budget. However, when compared to similarly priced headphones, the SRH145 do great.

What’s in the Box?

Folded in a simple orange box with a plastic insert are the SRH145 headphones with no extra accessories. No surprise, given their price, but a soft pouch would be a welcomed addition.

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