Pioneer DJE-2000K In-Ear DJ Headphones Review

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4.5/5 on February 12, 2016 Reviewed by: Mark Torrent

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12 reviews


  • Lovely, professional design
  • Tangle-free cord
  • Astonishing bass quality


  • Minor problems with ear fatigue


If you work as a DJ or are currently looking after a robust pair of in-ear headphones that could accompany you on your travels and delight you with excellent sound quality, the Pioneer DJE200K are worth looking at. They allow for careful monitoring and mixing at comfortable volume levels and provide very addictive, bass-heavy sound that you will quickly fall in love with.

The Pioneer DJE2000K In-Ear DJ Headphones are designed with professional DJs in mind. The main goal is to allow them to travel lightly without making any compromises when it comes to the sound quality of their audio gear. These portable in-ear headphones pack a powerful sound reproduction into a small package. That is something that many people besides DJs will appreciate.


The DJE200K are available in either black or white color, and they feature a rotatable earpiece for maximum comfort. It allows users to choose between an over-ear and a regular style of wearing. This means that you can get the best out of both worlds, by choosing an over-ear style for maximum security and an in-ear style for fast insertion.

Pioneer wisely decided to stay away from flashy colors and shiny plastics. These headphones are subtle and, in our opinion, look fantastic.

Build quality

Since these headphones have to keep up with demands of professional DJs, they are built to be as durable as in-ear headphones can be. You can probably imagine our surprise when we found out that these are also incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

Pioneer uses shape-memory resin to accommodate ears of various sizes and shapes, and the textile-coated, detachable cord is highly resistant to microphonics and tangling. If it does get damaged, you can just hook up any MMCX compatible cable and you are good to go.

The only real issue was a minor ear fatigue that would set in after few hours of continuous listening. This is a small price to pay for their excellent and secure fit, which is a must have feature for professional use.


What makes these in-ear headphones so special is their hybrid two-way driver system, which uses a dynamic driver with 9.4mm aperture in conjunction with a smaller armature driver. Together, they produce detailed sound across the entire frequency range.

Bass frequencies, in particular, are a joy to listen to. They sound grand, boomy, and precise. This alone makes these headphones perfect for casual everyday listening and even for use in the gym.

One thing that you should be aware of is the importance of great fit. The silicone tips that the headphones came with didn’t really work for us, and we had to change them to a pair of included Comply foam tips. Results were amazing and the sound improved ten-fold.

What is in the box?

Included in the box is a carrying case, cleaning brush, ¼” adapter, and a large assortment of different earphone tips. They include silicone tips of four different sizes, as well as Comply foam tips in three sizes.


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