Panasonic RPTCM125K Headphones Review

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4.2/5 on June 19, 2015 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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  • One of the top cheap earbuds with a remote

  • Features a microphone

  • L-Shaped Jack with 1/8-inch nickel connector

  • Includes an universal remote

  • One year warranty

  • Noise isolation design with a 9 mm driver

  • In cord microphone for easy answering of phone calls

  • 3 additional pairs of silicon ear pads

  • 3.5 mm jack

  • 10Hz-24kHz

  • Panasonic is an electronics manufacturer that users trust and known for great customer service and after sales support

  • Unobtrusive, comfortable and convenient

  • Stereo speaker ear buds for great stereo sound

  • Energy star certified in-ear headphones


  • Limited compatibility to mobile devices with only fitting Blackberry, Palm, and iPhone

  • The wire technology is not tangle-free, but untangles comparatively easy with the flat design of the earphone wires


It is not difficult to see why the Panasonic RPTCM125K Headphones are one of the best cheap earbuds and at such a low price a worthy investment for anyone. Furthermore do they deliver outstanding performance and great sound with the only downside the design that looks cheap. Irrespective of them looking cheap, they are cheap, but what make them worthy of an earbuds review is the fact that they sound as good as and even a lot better than other in ear earphones that are a lot pricier. Listeners get an accurate and smooth sound with lots of consistency, extreme comfort with the silicon ear tips as well as lightweight. Volume control is something most cheap earphones lack and a microphone is another feature you would not normally find on the most durable earbuds regardless of price. The RPTCM125K from manufacturer Panasonic gives a listener both the comfort of volume control and a built-in mic.

When buying from one of the world’s top electronics manufacturers, people expect to get great products and with the Panasonic RPTCM125K Headphones, it is exactly the case. Panasonic is a leader and these RPTCM125K headphones does not disappoint and one of the top choices in sound fidelity. When compared to other best cheap earbuds and headphone sets it wins hands-down. It has nice overall balance of mellow, airy highs, with great bass without being over-dominating. You will find no piercing sounds, with frequencies playing well with one another, but read this earbuds review to see how we reach the conclusion that the Panasonic RPTM125K is one of the most durable earbuds

Sound Quality:

Sound quality is one of the main things anyone looks for when testing earphones and the Panasonic delivers outstanding sound. Most of the best cheap earbuds have one complaint and that is overpowering bass even though the rest of the sound might be acceptable. The sound fidelity of these earbuds’ prime features and all sounds from rock, to hip-hop to classical, sounds equally great. While most earphones have too much or too little bass especially when opting for lower priced earphones, the RPTM125K has the best bass sound of any other in its price range as well as that of high-end higher priced earphones. The ear buds are stereo-speaker ear buds.

Ear Tips:

Panasonic always produces quality headphones so there is no wonder as to why the Panasonic RPTCM125K headphones are great quality, even at a lower price. The ear tips of these headphones are made from silicone. In the packaging, there are three additional pairs of these ear tips in sizes small, medium, and large. The shape of the tip is an oval, which fits into the inner ear very easily for comfortable listening. The tips also come in different sizes.

Universal Remote and Mic:

A universal emote is something all cheaper earphones lack, but here you also get in-cord volume control. The answer/end audio control is another features that will not be onboard other earphones in this price range of earbuds under $25. He microphone makes it possible for you to answer you phone when it rings without having to remove earbuds as with other earphones in this price range. The mic has great sound quality and you would think you are using an IPhone built-in mic with the great listening and communications experience. The remote enables you to activate the voice control on the phone, as well a play or pause what you are listening to. Furthermore allow the remote you to advance a track when you give it a double-click, and with a triple click will you either go back to the beginning of a song or past a certain point in a song you wish to skip.

Sound Isolation:

Equipped with a volume control button, which is a rarity for earphones in this price range, it also comes with noise isolation regardless of the volume you set it to. Even at low volume, you will experience no outside noises and you will enjoy clear, dynamic sound with great bass and crisp, clear overall sound. At full volume, users report that it does not distort or interfere with incoming phone calls and phone calls are just as clear without any echo. It does not feature specific noise cancelling, but the sport, ergo-fit design makes noise-cancelling effective.

Ergo-fit Design:

An ergo-fit design is something everyone look for to ensure ultimate comfort and staying in-ear regardless of activity. Ergonomic design ear phones is ideal for people leading an active lifestyle, such as wearing earphones while exercising, jogging, hiking, and more. Furthermore enhances it sound quality as ergo-fitted design is completely noise isolating while the 9 mm driver unit delivers the impressive sound it is known for.

What you get with a purchase:

Although it does not have a carrying case, you can expect your earphones, with an additional three pairs of ear tips in sizes small, medium, and large. You also receive a limited one-year warranty.

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