MEE Audio Sport-Fi M6 In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire Review

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4.1/5 on June 18, 2015 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Compatible with all devices that have a 3.5 mm headphone jack including portable DVD players, smart phones, blackberries, MP3 Players, iPads, iPods and more.
  • Passive nose reduction with in-ear design that allows for over-the-ear fitting
  • It is backed by a manufacturer that provides exceptional customer service
  • You receive a set of six single flange, double flange as well as triple flange of different sizes in order to fit any ear size in making sure you have the best possible experience.
  • It is unobtrusive and worn both with glasses and or a helmet
  • Patented sweat and water resistant ideal for active people who sweat during vigorous exercise allowing them to concentrate only on the activity and forget about possible damaging of their headphones


  • The bass levels seems higher than that of similar headphones, although many prefer enhanced bass for motivation
  • When you touch the wire near the ear, you will be able to hear it in the headphones while it is in use.
  • It does not come with a volume control


In the earbuds under $25 range, the MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 noise isolating, in-ear headphones compares incredibly well with ear buds at higher prices. The patented ergonomic design is durable, will not fall out of your ears regardless of your activities, which include jogging, exercising, aerobics and more. The cable which is designed to resist tangling with a shirt clip to attach your cable to your clothing, where you find it convenient and out of your way adds to the advantages and increases it value as one of the most durable earbuds. Crips clear sound is guaranteed regardless of the outside noises for you to enjoy what you are listening to on your attached device. A highly recommended product from a trusted manufacturer with excellent after sales service.

The MEE Audio M6 (MEElectronics) is one of the best cheap earbuds without compromising on quality, durability, and design. These headphones are ideal for adventurers, activity orientated people who loves working up a sweat, without constant headphones adjusting needed and ear buds falling out. You would expect the most durable headphones to come with a hefty price tag, yet the Sport-Fi M6 from MEE Audio as shown in this earbuds review compares incredibly well to high-end in-ear headphones.


The design aims at secure and comfortable fit without you needing to adjust the in-ear buds while you are in the middle of an activity. MEE Audio achieved this by their patented ergonomic housing design with the memory wire technology and the in-ear buds that has an over the ear fit. The memory cord is completely flexible to conform to the shape of the user’s ears thus providing a fit that is locked-in. The design includes certified IPX5 water and sweat resistance for increased comfort and durability. In-ear design significantly reduces noises from the outside for increased focus and clear sound.

Sport-Fi Series:

One of its main attributes is the use of Sport-Fi technology that is specifically designed for individuals with an active lifestyle, without compromising on sound and clarity. The Sport-Fi M6 In-ear headphone uses memory wire technology that most other headphones in its class do not feature. This enables the wearer to enjoy a secure and comfortable fit that is equipped with sweat resistant technology, dynamic sound and ultimate noise isolation.

Wear the headphones with glasses:

A feature most people look for is earphones that are comfortable to wear with glasses. Even if they do not wear prescription glasses most joggers, hikers and outdoor activities are enjoyed while wearing sunglasses or people wish to wear sunglasses, but find their earphones to either be in the way or fall out. The MEE Audio M6 in-ear earphones are worn easily with no interruption or obstruction to the glasses over the ear.

Complete adjustability:

It is the only earbuds under $25 that is completely adjustable in all regards. The additional 6 ear buds, which you could replace if you have smaller or larger ear canals, are not the only way these headphones are adjustable. Some people have smaller ears while others have a larger outer ear and this is something the M6 earphones also addresses. Regardless of outer ear size the wire that goes around the ear to keep the earphones in place, is entirely bendable with a flexibility without being soft. The wire inside is flexible, but stiff and will not loosen even when you are running or moving your head excessively. It conforms to all shaped and sizes ears with a locked-in fit that is part of its patented ergonomic housing design.

Effective cable management:

Cable issues are a main issue when it comes to choosing the right headphones especially for sportsmen and women. A cable that tangles and become a problem during exercise is why most people go for high end, expensive headphones, and headphones without wiring. With the M6 headphones, people get a color-matched cable, which is 100 percent tangle resistant. With the cable is a cable cinch and attached shirt clip that successfully keep the cable out of your way. It eliminates discomfort and distraction with the elimination of cables snagging or getting in the way.

Sound isolation:

It does not have a volume control, but with the noise isolation, in-ear design the volume adjustment is not needed, as you will receive crisp, clear sound while keeping the volumes lower in order to protect your hearing. Wearing the in-ear buds blocks out all external noises effectively and gives you dynamic, clear sound with enhanced bass.

What you get in the box:

Rated as the best cheap earbuds it comes with a color-matches carrying case, six individual sets of additional ear tips as well as shirt clip. The shirt clip and cable cinch are handy in keeping the cable out of your way.

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