MAXROCK EL-2737 Unique Sleeping Headphones Review

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3.7/5 on April 10, 2018 Reviewed by: Mark Torrent

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569 reviews


  • Ideal for sleeping
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Hygienic
  • Well-balanced sound


  • Lack of bass


Unlike many other sleeping headphones on the market, the MAXROCK sleeping headphones neither look strange nor sound terrible. Considering their price, we can wholeheartedly suggest them to anyone who has trouble falling asleep.

Finding a suitable pair of headphones for sleeping is quite a challenge. Many manufacturers experiment with very strange designs that have little in common with traditional headphones or earbuds, and regular models from popular manufacturers could either be damaged or, in the worst-case scenario, puncture your eardrums—ouch. One company, MAXROCK, has come up with an answer. Their EL-2737 sleeping headphones feature flat drivers, making the headphones flush with your ears, allowing you to sleep on your side comfortably. Are they good for just sleeping, or could you use them even for everyday listening? Let’s find out in this review.

Build and Design

Headphones made for sleeping need to be, first and foremost, extremely durable. Because the EL-2737 are made of silicon, you can squeeze them, stretch them, tug on them, and they will still work as good as new. The reinforced cable with proper stress relievers looks and feels more durable than what we usually see even on high-end headphones, giving us the confidence that these headphones will, indeed, survive just about anything.

The MAXROCK sleeping headphones are currently available in five colors (black, green, pink, gray and white) and they all look youthful and modern. The special ergonomic design relies on two noise-isolating layers that keep the earbuds securely in place while keeping the sound where it should be—in your ears.

Included a few inches below the left earpiece is a built-in microphone with a single button for answering or declining calls. The button is covered with silicon to prevent it from causing you any discomfort.

Sound Quality

When designing these headphones, MAXROCK had to solve two challenges. First, they had to make the drivers small enough to reduce the overall size of the headphones. Second, they had found a way how to make the small drivers sound good.

Most modern in-ear headphones feature drivers as large as 10 mm in diameter, but the drivers in these headphones are just 5 mm in diameter. Because people who use headphones to fall asleep seldom listen to bassy music at high volume levels, MAXROCK cleverly sacrificed the low end for mid and high ranges.

This makes the EL-2737 perfect for listening to binaural audio or spoken voice. But even if you decide to take them out with you to the gym or on a bus ride, the chances are that you won’t be disappointed. You can turn up the bass using a software equalizer or an audio preset, and the rest of the frequency spectrum needs little to no tuning.

What’s in the Box?

The MAXROCK sleeping headphones come with a durable zipper case for protection and travel.