Matone S380 Sports Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds Review

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3.9/5 on April 16, 2016 Reviewed by: Mark Torrent

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41 reviews


  • Stay firmly in place, when worn correctly
  • Impressive Bluetooth range
  • Good sound quality
  • Elegant packaging
  • Great build quality


  • Can feel a bit too heavy


Finally, we have found a pair of very affordable Bluetooth earbuds that should please most customers who are after a well-built solution for portable music listening. The Matone S380 Sports Wireless Earbuds hit all the important marks and managed to convince us this manufacturer knows how to make a great product.

There’s a good reason why Matone is the go-to choice for so many customers: the company constantly innovates their products and frequently releases updated versions to sort out any minor problems revealed by extensive user testing. The latest version of their S380 Bluetooth Earbuds has been quickly accepted by customers, and we want to see what exactly made it so popular.

Design and build quality

Elegant, sleek curves are the name of the game with these Bluetooth earbuds. The black version has a nice silver ring around the driver housing with white lettering inside. Promotional materials make the earbuds seem to be slightly larger than they really are in real life; although some people may find the weight to be a bit too much for certain sports. Among these is definitely not gym because of the sweatproof design. You will never experience any loss of sound quality or have to worry about damage to inner components.

The 80mAh battery should last up to 6 hours of uninterrupted music listening, which was confirmed by our own experience. Many consider 6 hours to be the gold standard of battery life for Bluetooth headphones, as it allows for four 1.5-hour long gym visits in a single week without charging.

A useful extra feature is the ability to connect with 2 smartphones or tablets at the same time for more social music listening experience.

Sound quality

Matone cut no corners when it comes to the technology behind these earbuds. Bluetooth 4.1 and APT-X audio decoding technology guarantee that noticeable audio compression is a thing of the past. Indeed, the sound is quite above what you would probably expect from headphones in this price range. When you play one of your favorite songs, you’ll immediately notice an excellent audio balance and exceptional level of detail across the entire frequency range.

The CVC6.0 intelligent noise reduction then just makes everything so much more enjoyable, since you can really clearly hear every little detail and distinguish individual instruments from one another. Because the Matone S380 earbuds have a good Bluetooth range, you would have to be quite far from your audio source to experience any signal loss.

What’s in the box?

Matone somehow managed to outshine many premium brands when it comes to accessories that ship with their headphones. The packaging includes 1 USB cable for charging, 4 silicone earbuds, 4 earhooks for extra comfort, 1 cable buckle, and English instructions.

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