Liger BLAZE Bluetooth Sweat-Proof Earbuds Review

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What’s there not to like? The sound is crisp and clean, the battery lasts a long time, and the fit is as comfortable as it gets. There are a few rumors floating around online about their tendency to break, but we believe that it’s possible to avoid any issue just by being extra careful.

If you want an unassuming pair of modern Bluetooth earbuds that can easily survive sweaty workout or a run in a light rain, the Liger BLAZE might just be what you are looking for. Of course, the most important question is how they deal with competition. The current market is oversaturated with Bluetooth earbuds of dubious quality and selecting the best pair of Bluetooth earbuds for running, gym, and working out is not a simple task. That’s where we and our in-depth reviews come in.

Design and Build Quality

At just 18 grams, there are one of the lightest Bluetooth earbuds currently available. Their rubber coating makes them very pleasant to the touch and skin. The large earhooks wrap neatly around your ears and prevent the headphones from parting from your ears even if you were to stand on your head.

The microphone is built directly into one earbud, just like three buttons: one for turning the earbuds on and off, and two for changing the music volume or skipping tracks. They take a while to get used to, because you need to use one finger for support and one for pressing. Otherwise, you would easily push the earbuds from your ears.

There’s also a Lithium-poly battery capable of lasting up to 7 hours while listening to music or talking on the phone via the integrated microphone. When not in use, the battery life extends to 180 hours.

Sound Quality

The Liger BLAZE earbuds offer a refined sound signature with excellent sonic performance and plenty of detail to please even less demanding audiophiles. The earbuds don’t isolate a whole lot of outside noise, so you don’t have to be afraid of running into a bus or getting hit by a biker during your morning jog.

The included microphone does a good enough job of blocking the vast majority of outside noise and allows you to concentrate on the other person.

As you can see, the BLAZE Bluetooth earbuds are really a well-rounded package full of surprises for a very appealing price. If you think that just because the earbuds are primarily meant for the gym they should not compromise in terms of sound quality, the Liger is the brand you should go with.

What’s in the Box?

The box contains the Liger BLAZE Bluetooth headset, 2 replacement pairs of earbuds in different sizes, a USB charging cable, and a user manual.

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