KINTTO GW10 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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4.7/5 on December 8, 2017 Reviewed by: George A Turner

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95 reviews


  • High-quality wireless earbuds
  • Suitable for any activity, such as driving for example
  • 2.5 hours of constant play time
  • Stable connectivity
  • 1-year warranty


  • Nothing major


The KINTTO GW10 is a very good pair of headphones designed to offer you a decent sound quality at an accessible price. Since these are truly wireless in-ear headphones, you don’t have to worry about losing your connectivity or anything like that. The process is fast, convenient, and you get to have the ultimate value for your money in a single package. That’s certainly going to make the experience a lot more interesting and rewarding. Basically, if you are going after the wireless earbuds that offer decent sound quality, noise cancellation and stable connection KINTTO GW10 can be the best deal for you.

In the sea of known and less-known headphone manufacturers sometimes it’s not so easy to find a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds and the best part about it is that you do get to have quite an interesting approach towards something like this. The more you search, the harder it will be for you to find the right model. However, it’s not going to be impossible.

KINTTO manages to bring in front a really good attention to detail, and the value can be quite amazing in the end. What you do need to keep in mind is that the KINTTO is all about offering you a great quality and unique sound experience. But do they offer something like that or not? Sometimes it can be quite the challenge, and the overall results can be more than interesting.

Design and build quality

The build quality offered by these earphones is second to none. They just give you all the value you want without a lot of effort. Basically, the experience is among the very best that you can find at the market these days, and that’s certainly something to consider, to say the least.


They fit very well in your ears, and they stay in place so there will be no problem wearing them in the gym. During our tests, we didn’t encounter any issues. So yes, the KINTTO Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds do come with an ergonomic design, which is quite an amazing experience for you to have. It really goes to show that the attention to detail is huge over here. Which is good, because you want to have a tremendous experience, and you can indeed get it if you make the right purchase.

Sound quality

It’s that the sound quality that makes the KINTTO Bluetooth Earbuds stand out of the crowd? Hmm… The product does manage to offer you a really decent sound all the time, although it does lose a bit of clarity from time to time. The soundstage is quite good for the earbuds in this price range. High and mid frequencies are clear enough. The bass sounds a bit muddy but only when you crank the volume up. That can be a problem just for a few people.

Most users will not notice any sound issues, unless you are an audiophile, you will be more than ok with these earphones. Depending on the song, you will have tons of bass or not a lot of it. The experience changes based on the song, but it does feel strange that you don’t get enough bass in the case of some songs.

KINTTO GW10 Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

The KINTTO Truly Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds do an excellent job when it comes to offering you a wireless experience. You will like it very much, mainly because you can carry them without issues. The ability to avoid any noise while moving is something incredible, and you will appreciate such a feature quite a lot.

You do need to realize that the KINTTO GW10 Earbuds are great for more than just music. You can use them to take calls, for listening to your favorite audiobooks, and you can even use them for gaming. The experience is indeed among some of the best on the market, and you will definitely appreciate the great value for your money here.

The battery has around 450mah. Yes, it’s not the largest one out there, but it gets the job done and that’s the thing you need from it. Sure, it could be improved a little here and there, but overall you do get enough value for your money, which means that the unit does justify its price. It’s unlike anything you have ever seen on the market, and you do have a stellar set of features that you can enjoy as you go along.

Sure, 2.5 hours of play time without charging may not seem a lot at first. However, that’s continuous play, and charging the unit is really easy. Plus, the case also delivers a rather premium feeling that you can rarely find anywhere else these days. That alone shows the true quality and value you can obtain from things like this, and in the end, it’s just very well worth your time and effort.

I also like the fact that they added complete support for Bluetooth 4.1 and CVC 6.0. Basically, the connection is very fast and stable, exactly as it should be. While it can take a few seconds to pair the unit to your phone the first time, the connection is very good, and it stays like that for a long time.

What is in the box?

The KINTTO GW10 Truly Wireless Earbuds box includes the very well designed case-charger, USB cable, two pairs of eartips the earbuds on their own, and that’s it. There’s not a lot to be had in the package, but you don’t really need anything else either. This brings you just about all the stuff that you may want, and it does offer you a nice set of features all the time.