KEKU G20 Wired E-Sport Earbuds Review


Editor rating

3.7/5 on June 27, 2018 Reviewed by: George A Turner

User’s rating

259 reviews


  • Good sound quality
  • Hi-Fi performance
  • Very good comfort
  • Decent sound quality


  • Stability is questionable


The KEKU Wired E-Sport Earphones look great and the value they give is quite good too. While there’s always a place for something better, you do receive a good quality and they aren’t expensive either. At this price, they are worth the effort and investment!

Although a lot of people like the idea of using wireless earphones, there’s no denying that you should always try to use wired earphones too. Those are just as good, and they can provide you with a nice return on investment. You just have to make the right pick. The KEKU Wired E-Sport Earphones are some of the latest products on the market. But are those the right purchase for you?

Design and build quality

As you will see from the pictures, the KEKU Wired E-Sport Earphones come with a very distinct design. Some people may be put off by them, but that shouldn’t be that much of an issue. They do a very good job at offering comfort and value, and in the end that can be quite an amazing opportunity to explore in that perspective.

Sound quality and futures

The sound quality here is more than decent. You receive a wonderful sound design, and they did a very good job with the idea of using inner earrings to make the experience more comprehensive and distinct. The features are second to none, and the entire experience is a wonderful one all the time. So the value does tend to get better and better as you go along.

The highs are rendered correctly, and the lows are good too. It’s the mids where the KEKU Wired E-Sport Earphones tend to have a bit of a problem. As for the bass, that also works really well, there’s no distortion or anything like that. You won’t need to worry that much about the sound quality and the features as a whole, which is always a good thing. They really know how to bring you a true attention to detail and value with this product.

As for portability, we used them for quite some time during workouts as well as running and in bed. They worked great in all situations, although if you want to sit with them in a chair or in bed the added protectors may feel a bit uncomfortable. But other than that it’s all good, so the experience can be a very good one.

The 10 mm drive unit is a very powerful one, and they really get to deliver a good experience each time with this. That’s exactly what you want, so you should totally keep that in mind, as it will be well worth the effort.

What is in the box?

The package includes the KEKU Wired E-Sport Earphones, as well as a set of small, medium and large eartips. You also have a cord clip and a set of ear hangings.