JLab Omni Premium Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Review

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4/5 on July 21, 2016 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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  • Long battery life
  • Comfortable eco leather
  • Strong Bluetooth reception
  • Good sound quality


  • Cheap build quality


These headphones are a poor cousin of the Sennheiser MOMENTUM. The Omni are built using cheaper materials, which shows both in terms of their build quality and their appearance. While you won’t notice at a distance, a closer inspection reveals a handful of rough edges that Sennheiser would never allow. But the one thing that matters the most is the sound quality, right? If so, then these headphones may be a good choice for you. You pay roughly 4 times less than what the MOMENTUM cost, but you get approximately 80 percent of their sound quality. That’s a pretty good deal.

The Omni by JLab will seem familiar to all of you who know how the Sennheiser MOMENTUM headphones look like. The company was clearly inspired by Sennheiser when they were designing these Bluetooth headphones, but that doesn’t mean that this is just a copy – far from it. The Omni are an affordable alternative for everyone who thinks that good sound quality can be obtained for a reasonable price.

Design and Build Quality

Even though the manufacturer boasts about using only the most premium materials available, we know better than to trust marketing statements that are obviously not true. The vast majority of these headphones is made out of plastic materials, with the exception of earpads. For them, JLab invested into very comfortable eco leather that offers fantastic comfort for hours and hours of uninterrupted listening.

The headphones employ a foldable design with custom, industrial-grade hinges that collapse into the palm of your hand for easy storage in the included travel case. This makes the Omni great for long business trips as well as daily commuting to school or work.

LED status lights tell you how much battery power you still have before you need to plug in the provided 3.5mm audio cable and turn the Omni by Jlab into fully wired headphones. That will happen after approximately 15 hours of listening.

Sound Quality

According to JLab, the C3 (Crystal Clear Clarity) technology delivers a clean, crisp, immersive sound with vibrant highs, mids, and a pumping bass through a pair of 40mm drivers. You can listen to your music up to 30 feet away from the source of your music.

Our practical experience is very positive. We were taken by surprise by the sheer musicality of these headphones. Their wide soundstage places are instruments around you in such a way that you can easily tell them apart from one another.

No, the headphones don’t reach the audiophile-level of sound quality that the MOMENTUM have, but they come pretty close for what they cost.

What’s in the Box

The packaging contains a 3.5mm audio cable, USB charging cable, and a hard-shell pouch for storage.

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