JLab J6 High Fidelity Metal Ergonomic Earbuds Review

Editor rating

4/5 on January 7, 2018 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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585 reviews


  • Compact size
  • Comfort
  • Wide frequency range
  • Impactful bass
  • Accessories


  • Durability issues


The JLab J6 earbuds are great in every way except for their durability. Many customers have reported issues with the cable breaking near the connector as well as near the earbud housing. The good news is that JLab offers 30-day money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. If you know that you can take good care of your earbuds, don’t hesitate to purchase the JLab J6. But if you already have a few broken earbuds under your belt, consider adding a hard-shell case to your shopping cart alongside the earbuds.

The JLab J6 earbuds are designed for people with smaller ears and those who would prefer something smaller for sports and exercise. Despite their tiny sound, they produce larger than life sound that rivals even full-sized headphones with its amazing dynamic range and punchy bass.

Design and Build

If you’re tired of uncomfortable earbuds that barely fit inside your ear canals, causing discomfort and even pain, the JLab J6 are made just for you. JLab has a long history of making tiny earbuds with a comfortable, ergonomic shape. The J6 are the company’s budget offering, and we are pleased to say that they’ve inherited many excellent features from their more expensive siblings.

One such feature is the Kevlar-reinforced cable with 24-karat gold-plated jack for superior sound reproduction and minimal distortion. Included with the earbuds are also JLab’s fantastic soft eartips—this time in seven sizes and two styles.

As is the case with many other JLab earbuds, durability is an issue. You might expect the tiny earbud housing to break or perhaps the nozzle to snap off, but it’s actually the cable that’s causing the most problems. The lack of proper stress relief near the jack, the Y-spit, and the earbuds themselves means that improper storage often results in your music cutting in and out while listening.

Sound Quality

The JLab J6 has advanced 6 mm micro drivers that promise unparalleled audio fidelity. If you know JLab, you probably also know that excellent audio fidelity is something the company can easily deliver. Despite the small size od the drivers, the sound is full-bodied and detailed. Bass is slightly less boomy than larger JLab earbuds, but it still outperforms nearly everything in this price range.

For such small earbuds, the JLab J6 have both a fantastic dynamic range and a wide soundstage. These positive characteristics are present even without additional amplification, which is a huge plus for people who like to listen to music straight from their smartphone. Noise isolation is also great, especially with the double-flange silicone eartips.

What’s in the Box?

JLab is always generous when it comes to accessories. The JLab J6 come with a shirt clip, three pairs of double-flange eartips, three pairs of single-flange eartips, and a soft pouch for storage. Because the J6 are among the more fragile earbuds on the market, we highly recommend you purchase a proper hard-shell case and use it instead of the pouch.