JLab Epic Bluetooth Sports Earbuds Review

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4/5 on February 14, 2016 Reviewed by: Mark Torrent

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  • Long 10-hour battery life
  • IPX4 sweat and moisture resistance
  • High-quality microphone
  • Addicting sound


  • Problems with comfort


JLab Epic are a highly recommendable pair of Bluetooth earbuds that should satisfy most customers. Their only problem is a somewhat problematic fit. You should definitely try them for at least 10 minutes before you pay any money. If you are lucky and they fit, you will be rewarded with one of the best pairs of Bluetooth earbuds on the market.

JLab Epic Bluetooth Earbuds our sleek and long-lasting wireless earbuds that have been awarded by The Wirecutter as the Best Exercise Headphones on the market.


We love the sleek, elegant design of these earbuds. It doesn’t try to wow you with flashy colors or unusual shapes. The focus is on simplicity and functionality. As a result, JLab Epic will look equally great on men and women, teenagers and elderly, casual gym visitors and avid fitness enthusiasts. They securely hook around ears to prevent them from accidentally fallout out during any high impact activity. The handy built-in microphone/volume controller dangles slightly below the chin, which is the perfect place for it. It provides great sound quality and clarity and doesn’t get in the way like many controllers that are positioned lower on the chest.

Build quality

These earbuds are built like a tank. Their IPX4 rating ensures that they fully splash and sweat proof. There is a very high chance that they will survive even when you toss them inside a washing machine – although that’s not something that we would recommend you to do. Simply put, if you want your headphones to last – this is the right model for you. The cable itself is guaranteed to last you a lifetime thanks to the around-the-ear cable design, which acts as a one big stress reliever. Many other headphones and earbuds start to show connection problems just after few months of use, but the JLab Epic are highly regarded for their excellent durability. Finally, we cannot forget about the amazing neoprene case, which fits any smartphone and keeps it perfectly protected even against serious damage. When you consider that similarly well-built cases often cost dozens of dollars, you’ll start to see the true value of these wireless earbuds. They are, indeed, the one-stop solution for all your outdoor and fitness needs.

Sound quality

Compared to other earbuds from JLab, Epic Bluetooth Earbuds are slightly more limited when it comes to highs. They don’t extend as far as we would expect, but it is not noticeable during everyday use. Mids are exactly where we like them to be – nice and clear. As always, the bass is the star of the show. The bass is punchy, impactful, and you can feel your ears vibrating. Overall, these earbuds produce exactly the kind of sound that we enjoy the most during our workouts. The one that makes your blood flow and your head move to the rhythm of your music. It might not be super accurate, but it’s a helluva fun.

What is in the box?

JLab Epic come with over-ear hooks, cable mini-clips, neoprene case, and six gel tips of varied shapes and sizes.

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