Jarv NMotion Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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3.8/5 on February 14, 2016 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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2,644 reviews


  • Attractive design
  • 6 different colors to choose from
  • Reliable controls


  • Problems with fit
  • Only so-so battery life


Jarv NMotion successfully introduced another great pair of headphones that will appeal to younger people and those who like the simple design.

Jarv NMotion Sport could quite possibly set the record thanks to their ultra-lightweight construction and size. With 6 different colors to choose from, it will be hard to find a single person who would not like at least one variation.


These earbuds are as simple as it gets. You will not find any complicated shapes or design creations, instead, simplicity rules the day. Control panel with built-in battery is not much larger than earbuds themselves and thus doesn’t get in the way. Carrying these earbuds in the included carry pouch is absolutely not a problem.

One special feature that is certainly worth extra attention is the added emphasis on stability and secure fit. The NMotion wireless earbuds use a combination of earhooks with ear stabilizers to prevent the headphones from moving in any direction. You can, of course, choose if you want to use them or not, but we would highly recommend that you give them a solid try. The earhooks do a good job by themselves; however, when they are paired with the ear stabilizers, the stability increases tenfold. With both of them on, these headphones won’t fall out no matter how much you move.

Build quality

We had no problems with their durability as everything seems really solid and made out of high-quality plastic. What, however, gave us some trouble was the fit of these earbuds. It’s simply not great. The nozzle is way too short to guarantee a comfortable fit and the straight body prevents from true ergonomically fit. Replacing the included ear tips fit foam ones helped greatly. We recommend purchasing a pair of Comply ear tips for maximum comfort and sound isolation.

The Jarv NMotion are IPX5 water proof and sweat resistant earbuds suitable for hardcore exercise use and strenuous outdoor activities.

Sound quality

Speaking of sound, these Bluetooth earbuds don’t compromise. It’s surprisingly rich, crisp, and provides a deep sense of bass that should please most bass heads out there. Mid-highs are slightly receded compared to the rest of the frequency spectrum, but the overall impression that we got was mostly characterized by how fun to listen these are.

The passive noise isolation is fairly impressive, especially considering that the fit is only moderately deep. When, for example, biking on a busy city street, all background noise fades away and all you hear is a hum and the occasional muffled hunk of some car. This brings out all details in your music and lets you keep the volume down to prevent any damage to your ears.

What is in the box?

Besides some replaceable ear tips, you get a handy carry pouch that you can use to protect your earbuds from damage.


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