Jarv FLIGHT BT650-BLK Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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4.3/5 on April 17, 2016 Reviewed by: Mark Torrent

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  • Good sound quality
  • Sleek, all black design
  • IPX rated for water and sweat resistance


  • Below average microphone
  • Large earbud housing


When it comes to music listening, Jarv FLIGHT earbuds won’t disappoint. The same thing, unfortunately, cannot be said about using these earbuds to make phone calls, especially if the particular individual has smaller ears. The microphone performs poorly and the earbud housing is a bit too large. As such, the Jarv FLIGHT BT650-BLK are recommended only for a certain type of customers.

According to Jarv, the FLIGHT BT650-BLK Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds were designed with the active user in mind. The earbuds feature IPX rated water resistance to allow for use in the rain and hot summer months, which is something many customers will surely appreciate. Let’s take a look and see if Jarv lives up to their great reputation.

Design and build quality

Some customers prefer their headphones and earbuds to shiny with many different colors and instantly attract the attention of everyone around with crazy shapes and strange design elements, while others like to keep things simple and minimalistic. If you are in the second camp, you are guaranteed to enjoy the look of the Jarv FLIGHT Bluetooth earbuds. Everything on these earbuds is just black, making them look extra cool when in use.

The build quality is great, as one would expect from Jarv. The only problem is that the overall size is on the larger size, and people with smaller ears could experience pretty serious comfort issues. However, no matter how comfortable they are, there’s no way they would fall out. The memory wire does an excellent job at keeping the earphones securely in place and preventing them from moving around.

The Jarv FLIGHT in-ear headphones are IPX rated for water and sweat resistance, so sweating and even rain are not a problem. What’s more, your smartphone can stay safely inside your pocket, thanks to in-line controls with built-in microphone.

You can expect around 5 hours of battery life. That’s not the best we’ve seen in Bluetooth earbuds, but it certainly is nowhere near the bottom end.

Sound quality

First, let’s take a closer look at the integrated microphone. It suffers from two problems: it’s positioned too far from where would be user’s mouth, and it does a very poor job at filtering out unwanted background noise. As a result of these two issues, the person who you are going to be speaking with will have a difficulty understanding what you are saying and even the slightest background noise will completely overshadow everything else.

As far as the sound quality of the Jarv FLIGHT Sport goes, the same rich, high-fidelity sound that Jarv’s customers are so fond of is there in its full strength. That means deep bass, crisp highs, and slightly forward-positioned mids. The large earbud size also positively contributes to sound isolation, and the CSR8645 chip provides with excellent Bluetooth reception, resulting in a skip-free listening.

What’s in the box?

The box contains the Jarv Flight BT650-BLK Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds, two sets of replaceable eartips, a shirt clip, a wire sizing clip, a USB cable for charging, and a nice soft pouch for protection.

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