JAM Transit HX-EP310 Wireless Earbuds Review

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3.5/5 on July 28, 2015 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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  • Less than $50 price range
  • Magnetic ear pieces keep them together and untangled when not in use
  • Detachable ear hooks and cord clip help to keep the ear pieces in place
  • Wireless Bluetooth technology makes it easy to send and receive calls on the go while listening to music
  • The headphones are sweat resistant making it easier to go to the gym


  • Bulky and heavy ear pieces do not stay put as desired
  • To keep ear pieces in place, the ear hooks should be used all the time
  • Sound quality is not very good at higher volumes
  • Moving around with these headphones in make the ear pieces fall out of place


The JAM Transit Wireless Earbuds meet the expectations of headphones in this price range. These Bluetooth headphones are bulky and hard to keep stationary. The accessories are almost always necessary in order to keep the ear pieces in. The sound quality is mediocre. At low volumes, the poor quality is less noticeable, but at higher volumes, the sound is lethargic and messy. The Bluetooth works fine with no issues and the accessories make the listening experience more pleasurable. The JAM Transit Wireless Earbuds are decent for their price range.

The JAM Transit HX-EP310 Wireless Earbuds are priced at less than $50. These Bluetooth headphones meet the expectations of headphones in their price range. These earbuds come with a number of accessories made to create a comfortable listening experience that contains minimal ear piece movement. While not equal to the big brand, more expensive, and higher quality earbuds, these headphones work well in their price range. These wireless earbuds run into the average dilemmas of headphones in this price category, but they hold their own against their competition. Unique features and accessories help to enhance the listening experience with these headphones.

Key Features

The JAM Transit HX-EP310 Wireless Earbuds come in three different colors: black, blue and red. These wireless headphones are less than $50. They come with a micro-USB charger, cable clip, ear hooks, and 6 pairs of ear tips. The cable clips helps to keep the wire out of the way while the ear hooks and tips help to secure the headphones with minimal movement. To also help with accessibility and storage, these headphones have magnets built into the ear pieces. These magnets help keep the ear pieces together when not in use instead of getting tangled up and in the way. Receiving a splash rating of IPX4, these Bluetooth headphones offer minimal protection from water and dust. They are also sweat resistant. A movable flap covers the micro-USB port to help protect from dust and water as well. The Bluetooth 2.1 technology in the JAM Transit Wireless Earbuds has up to a 30 foot range and 4.5 – 5 hours of battery life. Four different buttons control the power, volume, tracks, and multiple functions including answering phone calls. The JAM Transit Wireless Earbuds includes a microphone and speaker for making and receiving calls. These headphones have audio prompts to signal the commencement of several different functions such as powering on and off or charging.


Upon first glance, the JAM Transit Wireless Earbuds seem square, bulky, and misshapen. They have the regular silicone earbuds that fit neatly in the ear, but they are attached to large square ear pieces that seem too heavy to stay put. With the ear hooks attached, they look like two Bluetooth headsets attached by a cord. The detachable ear hooks help the bulk ear pieces stay in place when moving around. The ear pieces themselves are also angled for an optimum fit. The cord connecting the ear pieces is adjustable. It can be lengthen or shortened or pinned out of the way with the cable clip. There are four buttons that control the headphones, all located on the right ear piece. There is a power button, a multifunction button, a pair of volume control buttons, and a pair of song selection buttons. The left ear piece sports the micro-USB charging outlet under a protective flap. To help with storage and maneuverability, there are magnets in each ear piece helping them to stay together when not in use. This comes in handy when wearing the headphones in between uses. Their small size of 1” x 0.2” x 1.8” make them easy to store, but heavy and bulky to wear. The JAM Transit Wireless Earbuds come in three different colors: black, blue, and red.


The JAM Transit Wireless Earbuds’ performance meets expectations with their price range. The headphones work well. They have a 30 foot Bluetooth range and average battery life. The two main problems with these Bluetooth headphones are its size and sound quality. The square ear pieces attached to the earbuds do not help with maneuverability. They are too heavy to stay in the ear on their own. Without the use of the detachable ear hook, it is hard to move around while listening to music or taking calls. The sound quality is average for an under $50 pair of headphones. The sound is dull and out of proportions. The bass is not a good quality and blends in with the treble. The sound could be peppier and less lethargic. If kept at a lower volume, the dull sound is less noticeable. But at higher volumes, it is very noticeable. These are decent on the go or gym headphones, but not top quality.

What is in the Box?

  • JAM Transit Wireless Earbuds
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Cable Clip
  • Detachable Ear hooks
  • Ear tips (6 Pairs)

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