Jabra Elite 65e Wireless Noise-Cancelling Earbuds Review


Editor rating

3.9/5 on August 5, 2018 Reviewed by: George A Turner

User’s rating

80 reviews


  • Outstanding sound quality
  • The battery lasts for around 8 hours
  • Comfortable design


  • Random compression errors


It’s really hard to figure out if a unit is good for you or not. The Jabra Elite 65e is one of the best out there, even if it has a few caveats. But don’t let that push you away from a tremendous value and quality!

The best bluetooth Alexa enabled earphones don’t have to be super expensive. But they do need to offer you a really good quality and value for the price you pay. And with the Jabra Elite 65e you pretty much get all of that and so much more in a comprehensive way. But is this model worth the effort or not? Let’s figure that out right now.


What you will notice right off the bat is that the Jabra Elite 65e is a very interesting model. The design is quite simplistic and it doesn’t stand out that much to be honest. But on the other hand, you do have wireless stereo added here and you also have a small controller for the microphone too. These small things make the unit come together a lot better than you would imagine, and that on its own is a special thing to have in the case of a unit like this to be honest.

Sound quality and features

Jabra Elite 65e is one of those models that offer in ear noise cancellation. Honestly this is super hard to achieve nowadays, and that on its own is a crucial aspect for you to take into consideration. It’s one of the toughest things that you can encounter nowadays, especially if you tackle such a problem in a meaningful way. The business quality isolation engine is actually very powerful, and it comes exactly with the features that you want from something like this.

You also have IP54 ratings here, which means that there’s protection from water and dust. Sure, it’s not the ultimate protection here, but it’s still pretty good and in the end that’s the thing that matters in such a situation. You will also like the fact that they added Alexa and Google Assistant support. Honestly, it’s these little things that make such a product come together in such a good manner. It’s this unique approach that you will like a lot, just because there are so many unique options and benefits that you need to take into account.

What’s in the box?

The Jabra Elite 65e box is not super full of features. You have multiple eartips and ear protection plastic tools. They actually add up really well and bring in front some nice, unique benefits for you to take into consideration. The thing you want to notice here is that despite not having a lot of stuff, the unit is pretty impressive and it runs exactly the way you want.