I-MEGO Throne Gold IAH-326G Over-Ear Headphones Review

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4/5 on August 1, 2016 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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  • Very comfortable
  • Soft earpads
  • In-line microphone
  • Unique retro look


  • Stiff cable
  • Mostly plastic materials


When we have to review a pair of designer headphones, we can’t help but start preparing ourselves for a big disappointment. So many small audio gear manufacturers put all their eggs into one basket – the design – and completely forget about the rest. The I-MEGO Throne Gold Headphones are not like that. The company has managed to produce a pair of retro-inspired headphones that is not only very comfortable but also sounds adequately good. That’s not to say that the sound can rival the likes of Sennheiser or Grado, but it should do the job for your regular day-to-day listening.

I-MEGO is a newcomer that’s not afraid to do things a bit differently than many of the established companies. Their products will mostly appeal to DJs and listeners who consider a great style to be essential for any good pair of headphones. Their signature Over Ear Headphones, called Throne Gold, have a very characteristic look, making us wonder if they are also equally impressive when it comes to their sound quality.

Design and build quality

It probably won’t come to you as a surprise that the main thing that is sure to get your attention is the fantastic vintage look inspired by old-school microphones – the ones you would see used on radio shows in the 50s. The bronze-gold color nicely compliments the black padding and hides the fact that these headphones are made mostly out of plastic materials.

A good news is that I-MEGO used high-quality plastic materials, but they still take away from the otherwise stellar presentation and make the headphones fell rather cheap to the touch. What saves the day is the headband made out of real leather. It features beautiful stitching and I-MEGO logo on the top.

The earpads are padded with memory foam for pillow-soft comfort and are large enough to fit over-the-ear and isolate the vast majority of outside noise as well as ensure that people around you won’t be disturbed with your music. Not all headphones can be comfortable worn for the entire day, but these definitely can.

A nice extra bonus is the integrated one-button microphone for taking calls and music playback control. It offers an above-average sound quality and good noise reduction.

Sound quality

Two high-performance 40mm drivers provide an impactful sound presentation that shares a lot in common with other DJ headphones in this price range. What we mean by that is the noticeable emphasis on the lower part of the frequency spectrum, tight mids, and somewhat subdued highs.

At times, the lows almost feel like they want to swallow the mids, but it never gets as bad as making you want to turn on the equalizer and teach the headphones a lesson. Soundstage is quite open, but the instrument separation isn’t the greatest. While all instruments are nicely placed around your head, they tend to bleed over one another.

What’s in the box?

The generous set of accessories includes a soft carrying pouch, adaptors for your home audio setup and airplanes, the cable with integrated microphone, and documentation.

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