eBus BT-051 Professional Sport Bluetooth Earbuds Review

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3.9/5 on April 17, 2016 Reviewed by: Mark Torrent

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  • Sweatproof
  • Great fit
  • Nice sound quality
  • Self-adjusting design


  • Disappointing battery life


If only did eBus manage to squeeze just an hour or two of extra battery life out of these earbuds, we would be looking at the biggest surprise in the budget category of Bluetooth headphones. The form-factor is a breath of fresh air and the sound quality is a few steps above the competition. If you are on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise, look no further.

Can an unknown brand produce a pair of headphones that stand out in the crowded market and offer customers something unique? eBus wants to prove to everyone that something like that is really possible. Their Professional Sport Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Design and build quality

It’s hard not to be attracted to the original necklace-like design. A magnet holds together both earbuds to maximize comfort and ensure a great fit. The body of these earbuds is small and unobtrusive because most electronic components, such as the battery, are housed inside a line controller that hangs freely from listener’s neck. This controller has a built-in microphone and controls that allow for volume adjustment, switching tracks, and making hands-free phone calls. The day-to-day user experience is further enhanced by the presence of voice prompts. They provide instantaneous feedback and let users know that their input has been registered.

Despite the small size, these earbuds can actually receive signal within 33 feet from the signal source. You can keep your smartphone in your gym bag and still enjoy all your favorite music without interruptions. It’s even possible to connect two devices at the same time for shared music listening.

As it is the case with so many other Bluetooth headphones and earbuds, battery life is by far the biggest weak point in the overall construction of these earbuds. At 65mAh, the built-in battery can only last around 4.5 hours of continuous music playback and it takes around 2 hours to charge it to its maximum capacity.

Sound quality

One thing is sure: eBus isn’t keen on using anything less than the latest and greatest technology. As such, the earbuds come with Bluetooth V4.1 + EDR and a CSR AB1512 chipset, which can strengthen the signal up to 2 times. All of this means that signal is always reliably high and that pairing is fast and problem-free. But does it also mean that the earbuds sound good? Yes, it actually does.

The warm sound signature is sure to please all lovers of laidback listening. You can listen for hours and hours and not experience any fatigue whatsoever. Lows are not too boomy, but they still pack plenty of punch to make your head move to the rhythm. Soundstage is quite spacious with excellent instrument separation.

What’s in the box?

The packaging includes the Bluetooth earbuds themselves, an English user manual, a USB charging cable, and three pairs of replaceable silicone eartips.

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