Denon AH-D600 Over-Ear Headphones Review

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4.5/5 on February 18, 2017 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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  • Listening comfort
  • Sound quality
  • Accessories
  • Mature design
  • Smartphone app


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If headphones were used to determine a person’s character, the Denon AH-D600 would most likely imply a healthy dose of maturity and a refined taste. They are meant for people who know what they want and are ready to pay for it. It takes less than minute to fall in love with their comfortable padding and exceptional sound quality.

The Denon AH-D600 over-ear headphones are yet another fantastic product from the legendary Japanese manufacturer of high-fidelity audio equipment. Headphones from Denon have always successfully combined fantastic sound reproduction with class and tradition. Whereas many other manufacturers have decided to go down the road of flashy design extravaganzas and arguably pointless features that that do little to nothing to enhance the core listening experience. With Denon, you know that every dollar you spend goes, one way or another, into sound quality and listening comfort.

Build and Design

Elegant sophistication is unquestionably an attractive trait, especially if there’s a real substance behind it. The Denon AH-D600 remind us a lot of luxury sedans—cars like the Model S from Tesla or the Audi A6. These vehicles are often much more powerful than many screeching coupes, even though you might not think so just by looking at them. It’s the difference between a confident grown-up and an insecure teenager.

The AH-D600 sport elegant curves and sleek black and white color scheme. This modern yet timeless look really matches what Denon seemingly wants to accomplish—create a pair of versatile, audiophile-grade headphones. All parts that come in touch with your skin are generously padded with soft memory-foam. The earpads are pentagonally-shaped for maximum comfort, and the ball-and-socket earcup mechanism allows the headphones to automatically conform to the shape of your ears and head.

Included in the box are two detachable cables—a 10-foot-long OFC cable with a 3.5mm jack and a 3-foot-long on-the-go cable with an integrated remote and microphone. Both cables are exceptionally durable and high-end in every way. They even match custom-made cables that you can get from specialized websites or eBay—yes, they’re that good.

One extra feature that you don’t see too often is the ability to easily customize the sound signature. Denon has created a smartphone app, called Denon Audio, which lets you do just that and more. You can get it for free from Play Store or App Store, and use it to create and save custom EQ presets, listen to internet radio stations, and share what you’re listening to on social media websites. You could, of course, do all of that with countless third-party apps, but it’s nice to also have a first-party solution available.

Sound Quality

A good audiophile-grade listening experience is hard to come by when you can’t just throw hundreds if not thousands of dollars out the window. Everything must be perfect—the sound, the comfort, and the build quality. While good comfort and build quality are obtainable even in the budget category, sound is usually the biggest problem.

Denon’s 50mm Free Edge Nano Fiber Drivers and Flat EQ tuning deliver music as the artist intended. Even though the sound signature is flat, both high and lows jump out with glee whenever the song calls for it. Tracks that were mixed to make subwoofers sweat show just how incredibly low the AH-D600 can get. Calmer songs showcase their precise articulation and ability to highlight even the smallest details.

The close-back construction prevents outside noise from ruining your listening experience, just as it protects those around you from your exquisite taste in music.

What’s in the Box?

Since you’re buying a pair of premium headphones, you have every right to expect a premium set of accessories. Aside from the headphones, Denon also gives you two replaceable cables (a 10-foot OFC cable with a 3.5-millimeter connection and a 3-foot cable with inline remote and microphone), a 3.5-millimeter to 1/4-inch gold-plated adapter jack, carrying pouch, and manual.

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