Denon AH-C50MASR Studio Quality In-Ear Headphones Review

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4/5 on November 9, 2016 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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19 reviews


  • Great build quality and finish
  • Enjoyable sound
  • Built-in microphone and remote control
  • Affordable price


  • The Denon Audio app requires some getting used to


The AH-C50MASR provide an enjoyable listening experience combined with an above-average build quality and a handy smartphone app that allows you to tweak the overall sound signature to your liking.

The Denon AH-C50MASR Studio Quality In-Ear Headphones are Denon’s take on the portable mobile listening market. Their main characteristic feature is a 1-button remote that allows for control of selected Android devices and other smartphones. Is a single button enough to make a good pair of smartphone-friendly headphones? Definitely not. That’s why we want to take a closer look at the AH-C50MASR and find out whether they also deliver the audio performance Denon has become known for over the years.

Build and Design

It could be argued that manufacturers of in-ear headphones, especially budget in-ear headphones, have it much easier compared to manufacturers of full-sized headphones. Why? Because the amount of material used to create the housing is so small that budget headphones can be virtually indistinguishable from some of the most expensive in-ear headphones in existence.

The AH-C50MASR are the perfect example of this. When seen from a distance, the silver housing looks like an aircraft-grade aluminum, and when you inspect the earbuds up close, you discover a remarkable attention to detail, tightly fitted parts, and guaranteed durability.

The cable comes with a single control button for selected Android and iOS devices. The button allows you to play and pause your music, accept or reject phone calls, and more. It also hides a small microphone for hands-free phone conversations. The button is position a few inches below your chin, making it easily accessible.

Denon has created a special smartphone app, Denon Audio, which allows you to customize your listening experience by creating, storing, and sharing custom EQ curves and features a real-time spectrum analyzer. The app has a long list of other features, as well, including AirPlay support, internet radio features, and a variety of playback modes.

We think that allowing customers to easily customize their listening experience via an easy-to-use app is a great move from Denon. Most modern smartphones have an equalizer built-in, but Denon’s own app is optimized for their own headphones, resulting in a superior sound quality.

Sound Quality

Speaking of sound quality, the AH-C50MASR headphones make use of 9-millimeter dynamic drivers that are well-balanced on both ends of the audio spectrum. Bass is punchy, highs are crisp, and mids are accentuated with and placed slightly forward.

The passive noise isolation of the AH-C50MASR is good enough to keep most outside noise away from your eardrums, allowing you to enjoy your music undisturbed. During our testing, we have found the AH-C50MASR to be especially well-suited for jazz and hip-hop. The former genre highlights their dynamic nature, while the latter makes a good use of the boomy lower end.

What’s in the Box?

Like with most in-ear headphones, you get three sets of space silicon ear tips (small, medium, and large). Denon has also included a short extension cable, which comes in handy for home listening.

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