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Creative Outlier ONE Plus Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones Review

Editor rating – 4.3/5


  • Built-in MP3 music player
  • Connectivity with Sound Blaster Connect app
  • High-quality, crispy, and powerful sound
  • Decent amount of bass
  • Upgraded Bluetooth 4.2 connection
  • Long-lasting battery
  • IPX4 resistant
  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Tangle-free cable
  • Hands-free convenient
  • Additional accessories


  • There was no bigger improvement in the Neodymium magnet driver with Plus model
  • There’s still only one color available


Creative Outlier ONE Plus is definitely better and superior version of its previous model, and if you’re still in doubt whether to upgrade or go for the newer version, I’d say go for it!

They’re one of the best in-ear Bluetooth headphones on the market, and they’re still very reasonably priced for the quality they provide, from design and build to the sound quality and the features.

Considering the price, they offer a lot of value and personally, I thought that the Plus model could have been priced even higher, yet it was a nice surprise to see it’s still very affordable and available for everyone.

For everyone who is looking for a pair of in-ear headphones that is suitable for sports and the gym, I’d recommend Creative Outlier ONE Plus. They’re very light you won’t even feel them, yet they are comfortable and definitely don’t get in the way.

After the great success of Outlier One earbuds, Creative didn’t stop there. They upgraded it to Outlier One Plus. They’ve been dominating the Bluetooth earbuds market for a while, and now they’ve got something very surprising and special for all of us.

Creative Outlier ONE Plus model offers more features rather than the previous version, and the best news so far is that it comes with an integrated MP3 player along with the new features. They’ve kept their quality at the top level and they have even taken the same in-ear headphones to another level.

Find out what’s so special about Creative Outlier ONE Plus, but also why you should upgrade if you haven’t already!

Design and Build Quality

Design-wise, Creative Outlier ONE Plus looks very similar to its previous version of the same model, however, there are some light minor changes. Creative Outlier has kept their ergonomic and modern design with the use of premium materials.

The first thing you notice is the added orange color which stands out and makes these sleek in-ear headphones even more attractive at the first look.

Materials used remain the same which is robust plastic with rubber that makes them feel great in both hands and in ears. Creative Outlier ONE Plus offer a bit more security and a better & comfortable fit thanks to the feature of the interchangeable earbuds.

Creative Outlier ONE Plus inner boxCreative Outlier ONE Plus in the boxCreative Outlier ONE Plus frontCreative Outlier ONE Plus zoom

I got the feeling that they’re pretty durable and that I don’t need to pay a lot of attention when I’m working out. There’s a lot of movement going on which they withstand easily. You can really tell they offer true quality and value from the first moments of use.

The feature I really like can be seen in an upgraded version as well, which is the magnetic clasp that gives you the ability to have your in-ear headphones secured around your neck when you’re not using them.

However, Creative Outlier has upgraded the sweat-proof level to IPX4 certification, which makes these in-ear headphones resistant to splashes, light rain, and sweat. Just one of the benefits that is very suitable for running and gym.

There is only one color which is black with a light bit of orange that stands out. Hopefully, we will be able to see Creative Outlier in-ear headphones in different colors too, as long as they look so good like the black color.

Creative Outlier ONE Plus is suitable for any type of activities, and they’re excellent at sports, gym, running, and other similar activities, due to their design and build quality.

Even though Creative Outlier ONE Plus has now integrated MP3 player, the weight is very similar to the previous model. It weighs only 16 grams while the previous model weighted 15 grams. Not a big difference considering the big improvement they did. They’re still very light so that wearing them feels effortless.

Sound Quality and Features

Research has shown that music can help you do better at sports and in the gym, and Creative Outlier ONE Plus offer a quality sound that will boost your motivation and will let you continue even when you gave the last bits of your energy.

Creative Outlier did really put a lot of effort in ONE Plus model, creating and engineering the in-ear headphones that offer a powerful, crisp, yet clear sound with the help of the 6 mm Neodymium drivers.

They’re engineered and optimized to bring the high-quality sound which is very well-balanced with a decent amount of bass that isn’t overwhelming. 

To my ears, I believe Creative Outlier ONE Plus is even better than the previous model mostly in the sound performance, even though the Neodymium driver is the same one. There are just the bits you can feel you usually couldn’t with other in-ear headphones.

Creative Outlier ONE Plus boxCreative Outlier ONE Plus backCreative Outlier ONE Plus controlsCreative Outlier ONE Plus front

Creative Outlier has kept the in-ear headphones Bluetooth, but there has been a slight improvement. ONE Plus in-ear headphones now offer Bluetooth 4.2 version for better consumption rate and less lag during music streaming from the device.

The range is even better than ever before, and it consumes less battery which is a win-win situation and a very smart upgrade. The pairing process is the same and it’s effortless in my opinion as it takes less than 30 seconds to pair the in-ear headphones with your smartphone device.

While on the other hand, controls have remained the same and they offer the hands-free convenience with the help of only 4 buttons that can produce about 14 tasks such as volume up, volume down, call answering, next song, repeat, and others.

The long-awaited integrated MP3 feature has finally been released. With that being said, you can simply connect the headphones to your computer and drag & drop the music you’d like to listen. Battery life is even better than before, especially now when it can last up to 10 hours of listening on the MP3 player and up to 7 hours of listening on the Bluetooth connection.

What is in The Box?

In the nice packaging of Creative Outlier ONE Plus, you will find the in-ear headphones, 4 different in-ear buds for different sizes and comfort, USB to micro USB cable for charging, premium protective bag, and a cloth clip.

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