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Creative Outlier ONE Bluetooth In-Ear headphones Review

Editor rating – 4.7/5


  • Wireless connectivity
  • Long lasting battery
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • Ergonomical, sleek, and minimalistic design
  • Tangle-free lightweight cable
  • Small remote control with a lot of features and options
  • Comfortable ear tips
  • Additional accessories that come in the box
  • Value for money


  • Nothing major


For over 35 years Creative offers a great value for money to their customers worldwide. The Outlier ONE in-ear headphones are just one more high-quality product delivered by the same company. Compared to much more expensive earphones the Outlier ONE stands out with a combination of great design, decent sound, and amazing battery life. So if you need a branded sport Bluetooth earbuds for your everyday use Outlier ONE is a good choice. Did you expect all of that in the $40 price range? We did not, at least not before we put our hands on the Creative Outlier ONE.

Creative Labs is one of the well-known brands in the world of earphones. Since there are many other brands in the market today, it’s definitely useful to know which brand you’ll be purchasing. Wireless headphones are the peak of our modern technology. However, they require a bit more knowledge for purchase.
The purpose is something you should think about when purchasing any headphones, no matter if they’re wireless or not. In this review, you will find everything you need to know about Creative Outlier ONE in-ear headphones. It will make your choice a lot easier than ever before.

Design and Build Quality

Creative Outlier ONE in-ear headphones are designed in an ergonomic way. They’ll fit right in your ears and won’t drop out no matter what activities you do. The design is minimal, yet very sleek. It offers a lot more than just an outstanding look. Made from high-quality plastic and rubber the Outlier ONE is the great choice in the $40 price range.

After the Outlier Sports Creative manage to make one more sports-friendly in-ear headphones. Thanks to the waterproof design, you can use them without any problem during your workout sessions. Even if you want to push yourself to the limits the sweat will not damage your earphones.
The cable is designed in a way that it can’t get tangled. Tangle-free experience is definitely one of the most useful things, especially if you like high-intensity
training. The flat matte black rubber-coated cable is very lightweight as well, so it won’t be pulling the earbuds out of your ears.

Besides the great look, the flat cable provides you comfort when you’re wearing your earphones behind your neck. Talking about cables, Creative added the same high-quality tangle-free rubber to the USB charging cable and that is something you will not find often even in the higher price range models. Silicone ear tips are very good at isolating outside noise, and that is one more important thing when you want to concentrate only on your exercise. Soft silicones will make sure that you forget that you’re wearing Creative Outlier ONE in-ear headphones even after a longer period of time, and the noise isolation will help you forget the surroundings and just enjoy the music, even if you have smaller ear canals.

Sound Quality and Features

Besides the great fit, The AuraSeal silicone eartips are doing a good job when it comes to audio performance. A deep bass with crystal and balanced high and mid-range
will definitely blow your mind especially if you are an electronic music lover. Even though Creative Outlier ONE are wireless earbuds, they still provide high-definition
audio thanks to the Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which consumes only low power with the minimal latency. Such Bluetooth system will not disappoint you even if your phone is a few feet away. You will be in love with those earphones so much that maybe you will reach new heights in fitness or your workout sessions, thanks to the 6mm Neodymium drivers which are specially tuned to keep your music pumping and your body jumping.

One more amazing thing about Creative Outlier ONE is the battery life. Fully charged, Outlier ONE earphones will last up to 9.5 hours of continuous music playing. Of course, it depends on how loud you have set your volume. We manage to squeeze 8 hours listening to some serious EDM bangers on a max volume. Of course, you should not do this because you could cause hearing loss. The best thing is that one full charge takes only between two to three hours compared to 8 hours of continious music play on a cranked up volume it seems like a good charging time. Besides the micro USB port that is located at the remote control the battery of Creative Outlier ONE in-ear
headphones can also be charged with a portable power bank, which is one more great feature.
No matter how hard you push yourself in the gym or how long you run, Creative Outlier ONE in-ear headphones will always stay neat and clean, and working up to the expectations. All that thanks to the sweatproof IPX4 certificate.

Inline remote control might look small and light to your eye, but it’s full of useful features. Such as accepting calls, declining calls, switching between the tracks,
volume down, and volume up. There’s even a small LED indicator that lets you know when you’ve successfully paired Creative Outlier ONE in-ear headphones with your smartphone.Talking about the pairing, it’s just a three-step process. Creative couldn’t make it easier than this. Like the most sport Bluetooth earbuds the microphone of Outlier ONE is also built-in to the remote control. It delivers great sound without cracks and pops that can be very annoying when used for phone calls.

What’s in The Box?

Along the Creative Outlier ONE in-ear headphones, you will get a nice small bag for storing your headphones when you are not using them, or for storing when you’re traveling.
There’s one USB to micro USB cable that is used for charging your headphones. Along with all of that, there are 4 silicone eartips that come in 4 different sizes. You will definitely have the right size available that will match your ear.
From the papers, you will get a manual that includes instruction, and a warranty. The last yet not the least important thing that comes in the box is a clothespin. It can be used to keep the cable attached to the back or front of your clothes. It’s very useful for people that are running and don’t want their cable to move around a lot.

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