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Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 Headphones Review


  • You get top quality audio reproduction that is perfect for a studio application headphone. It’s a set that many professional DJ’s recommend and use
  • A very lightweight diaphragm that gives you a supreme audio performance over other brands
  • Very comfortable to wear with highly adjustable fitting and extra padding on the spring steel headband including very soft velour ear cushions. This ensures you can get a level of very high comfort over longer continual period of wearing them
  • Very durable build with very rigid plastic that is going to extremely hard to break.
  • Replaceable parts are available
  • Nice and long coil cord length of 3 meters


  • The Pro 250 don’t come cheap at just under 300 USD and is one of the main reasons it would sway people away from purchasing these headphones. But as we’ve outlined above in the main review of the features, you won’t be getting anything of level of quality the Pro 250 with a normal budget set of over ear headphones.
  • It may not be as strong and robust as other headphones out there so care should be taken not to drop them.
  • If you like music with deep bass then the Pro 250 may not suit your tastes as they tend to produce a lot of bass
  • They are slightly heavier in build than other headphone models


The DT990 Pro 250 easily fits in the top class of open dynamic headphones for any professional that can be used in studio applications. It has all bases covered in high audio performance by producing a very natural and balanced sound using a highly customized frequency response . Not only that but the Pro 250 headphones are very comfortable to wear for extended periods which is essential for most audio professionals. While actually getting the Pro 250 is requires you paying more than the normal brands you will see where the money is going in the top build quality and audio technology by Beyerdynamic . The DT990 Pro 250 continues its high standard in producing the best over-ear headphones .

Beyerdynamic is a German company that manufactures audio equipment. The company has a long history, after being founded in 1924. The fact this company has been established between WWI and WWII and after spending a significant period of time in the business, the quality of their headphones, microphones, etc. are undeniable.

The Beyerdynamic DT-990-Pro-250 headphones perfectly fit in with other products that were released by this manufacturer. These headphones is considered one of the best over ear headphones by bringing the listening to music and studio work to a whole new level.


The DT-990-Pro-250 headphones are the “professional” version of the highly popular series of headphones, DT-990. These headphones have a sophisticated and neat design that features a black and gray color combination. Designs of Pro-250 and DT-990 series are somewhat similar.

Pro-250 series has a darker shade of gray and more black-surfaced areas than the DT-990 headsets. Considering the fact these headphones are intended mainly for professional use, the manufacturer had the comfort in mind and this is accomplished with the use of comfortable soft pads.

This makes these Beyerdynamic headphones as one of the best over ear headphones which is perfect for long and extensive use. The headphones are also light in weight, which proves their practical side as well and this further assists you for wearing them for extensive periods.

DJ Style:

The DT990 Pro 250 headphones belong to the family of popular DJ-Style headphones. DJ-Style headphones are characterized by large over-the-ear pieces and have become extremely popular lately. Major artists, especially hip-hop musicians such as Dr. Dre, are investing in DJ headphones and presentations of various products of this type has become a really important part in technology conventions.

Beyerdynamic is no exception to this and they have made various DJ Style headphones including the DT990 Pro 250 which is regarded as one of the best headphone models for DJ’s and other professionals on the market.

High Sound Quality:

The Pro 250 series is characterized by the exceptional sound quality that makes them perfect for various studio applications that can be highly demanding. This product has a diaphragm with reduced weight and in the moving coil which allows it to have a pulse characteristic that is similar to electrostatic headphones.

It is like having the sound quality of big speakers, but in one headphone set. The balanced and natural sounds have been accomplished with the frequency responses between 5 – 35 000 Hz.

The primary aim of the manufacturer was to make headphones that will produce the impeccable sound regardless of the listener’s surrounding environment and its clear from just one listen with these headphones that Beyedynamic has achieved their objective.

Ease Of Use:

Practicality is always important and bearing that in mind, Pro 250 headphones have been manufactured for ease of use during studio work, or any type of work. These headphones come with the one-sided coiled cable which shows the innovative nature of the company.

Additionally, the headphones have a an adjustable and soft headband. With these headphones, people are able to enjoy a high sound quality or do their studio-related work without being annoyed by the cables. Also, due to the soft pads and the soft headband there won’t be any awkward feelings in the ear area or on the back of one’s head.

What’s in the Box?

These headphones comes with soft ear pads and adjustable ear pieces. The pack also features a drawstring bag, drivers and a stereo jack along with a ¼” adapter.

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