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Beyerdynamic DT-770-PRO-32 Closed Dynamic Over-Ear Headphones Review

Editor rating – 4.5/5


  • High durability
  • Minimal sound leak
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Very solid bass


  • Included leather pads are not great


The Beyerdynamic DT-770-PRO-32 give you something that most other high-quality headphones don’t – they let you enjoy minuscule details in your music even if you don’t happen to be listening in a completely quiet room. This feature alone makes them perfect for demanding listeners who would otherwise be at the mercy of their roommates, coworkers, or spouses. When you also take into a consideration their excellent sound quality and high durability, you have a clear winner.

Unlike many other high-end over-the-ears headphones, the Beyerdynamic DT-770-PRO-32 Closed Dynamic Over-Ear Headphones are completely closed, which results in a fantastic sound isolation and many possibilities for night or library use. Their history dates back to the 80s, and it’s safe to say that Beyerdynamic had plenty time to tweak the sound of these headphones to a near perfection.

Design and build

The Beyerdynamic DT-770-PRO-32 are a quite unique representation of closed headphones in the audiophile market. They were designed for use in a studio, but they feel just as at home outside as they do indoors. They rugged construction makes them seem to be almost indestructible, which sharply contrasts with the high-level of comfort that they offer. Their only downside are the included leather earpads. They get very hot after just a few minutes of wear and become essentially unusable during hot summer months. Luckily, you can purchase a replacement pair made out of velour. This cheap solution puts them at the same comfort level as high-end Sennheiser headphones.

Their cable is relatively short, made for studio use and perfect for modern portable audio players. Home listeners can always purchase an extension cable to listen via their home theater system from across the room.

Sound quality

If you would guess that these would sound muffled and lack detail just because they have closed back, you would be gravely mistaken. The Beyerdynamic DT-770-PRO-32 Closed Dynamic Over-Ear Headphones are, hands down, one of the best sounding closed headphones ever made. Their sound spectrum and soundstage are in nearly perfect balance. Buss is very punchy without bleeding over to mids, and highs sound crisp and natural.

If you consider that you can experience all this audio wonder without being disrupted by people around you (and without you disrupting them), you really get an exceptionally versatile pair of headphones. There simply are not many headphone models that can be used in a studio, at home, outdoors, and even when practicing electric guitar.

What is in the box?

In addition to the headphones themselves, you also receive a handy carrying pouch and an audio jack adapter. Beyerdynamic offers a large selection of optional accessories, which range from a hard case to velour pads, a quality extension cable, and even nylon transport bag.

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