Bestfy LYEJ-U8 Bluetooth Noise Canceling Earbuds Review

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4.2/5 on July 17, 2017 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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80 reviews


  • Provide a secure fit
  • Respond great to equalization
  • Water- and sweat-resistant
  • Stable, strong Bluetooth connection
  • High-quality mic with the cVc noise cancelling technology


  • Overpowered bass


It’s tough for earbuds to stand out in the budget market segment. Being on limited budgets, there’s only so much that manufacturers can do to get consumers on their side. For around $20, the Bestfy LYEJ-U8 earbuds get all the basics right, even including some more advanced features such as cVc 6.0 noise cancellation. If you love bass, you’ll like the earbuds right out of the box. If not, you can easily tweak their sound signature using the equalizer or audio adjustment settings on your smartphone or computer. Overall, a solid purchase for all active people.

The Bestfy LYEJ-U8 are designed for active users on a budget. That said, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill cheapo sports earbuds that hide the same mediocre drivers and are made from the same third-rate plastic materials as earbuds that you may find included for free with a low-end smartphone or tablet.

Design and Build

The design of the Bestfy LYEJ-U8 earbuds is fairly typical for sports earbuds. There’s the prolonged earbud housing that hides a battery and all other electronic components, there are the integrated earhooks for a secure fit when running, biking, or working out, and there are the replaceable silicone eartips.

The right earbud is the master control, housing a micro USB port for charging and two buttons for answering calls, adjusting volume, and pausing and skipping songs. The Bestfy LYEJ-U8 earbuds are water- and sweat-resistant, allowing you to enjoy a tough workout or a jog in the rain without worrying about anything else besides the activity itself.

Inside the earbuds is a small Lithium-ion battery, which can supply enough power for up to 7 hours of listening, depending on the volume. The battery charges relatively fast, and we’ve found it perfectly adequate for earbuds in this price range.

Sound Quality

The Bestfy LYEJ-U8 earbuds utilize a lot of advanced technology to make the most out of the budget components inside them. There’s the Qualcomm’s cVc 6.0 noise cancellation technology that brings advanced audio enhancements and noise suppression to phone calls, eliminating transmission noise and interference. It really does work wonders and makes it possible to make clear phone calls even in noisy environments.

Then there’s Bluetooth 4.1, which allows the earbuds to operate at distances up to 33 feet with no quality loss. Bluetooth 4.1 also makes the pairing process faster, more reliable, and compatible with virtually all Bluetooth-enabled devices on the market, from smartphones to smartwatches to computers to televisions.

As for the sound signature of the earbuds, it’s dominated by bass. We’re sure that this was intentional given who the target audience is and what kind of music people like to listen to when being engaged in a physical activity. The good news is that the wild bass can be easily tamed using a software equalizer. Once the bass is taken down a few notches, the overall sound quality becomes rather excellent for $20 earbuds.

What’s in the Box?

Inside the box, you get the earbuds, an owner’s guide, a USB charging cable, replaceable eartips, and a cable management clip.

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