Earbuds are one of the most common headphone types that are widely used

all around the world. Ever since the earbuds became wireless, they’ve been
selling like never before.

One of the strongest advantages of the earbuds is their size, and even
before they started coming in wireless option – they were the most suitable
option for MP3 players, portable music players, and even smartphones.

However, earbuds aren’t very versatile and adjustable as other headphone
types might be. And if you’re having small ears, choosing the right earbuds
might be a bit of a hassle.

But that’s not something that should stop you from getting a quality
pair of earbuds that will fit in your ear perfectly. Instead, you should focus
on the 10 tips that we’ve carefully listed after hours of research to help you
know exactly what to look out for.

If you stick to the end of the article, you won’t only find the top tips
for choosing your next best earbuds, but also reasons and explanation to why
you’re having troubles, and even a bit of motivation as why you shouldn’t give
up on your search and settle with any other type of headphones.

Why is it Hard to Choose Earbuds if You Have Small

The most obvious reason why it’s hard to choose your perfect earbuds if
you have small ears is the sizing which will most likely cause the earbuds to
fall out of your ears frequently.

Even if you happen to be lucky enough to find earbuds that won’t
frequently fall out of your ears, the chances are that the earbuds won’t be
comfortable are pretty high.

And guess what? You’re back at the beginning, where the sizing problem
is waiting and isn’t going anywhere. From personal experience, what’s even
worse than finding earbuds that fall out of your ears is not being able to wear
any headphones.

Especially, not being able to wear the headphones you really like the
most – whether they’re a great deal because of the discounted price or they
just come from a brand that offers high-quality products and excels at
producing quality earbuds.

Having small ears is a problem that is maybe even bigger than the price.
Budget & price of the quality earbuds is one of the most common problems
out there, however, even though this problem isn’t as common – it’s bigger than

No matter what you do, if you don’t find that perfect model that will
fit your ears like they’re made for them – there’s no way you’ll be enjoying
your favorite tunes anytime soon. And even if you find the perfect earbuds,
what happens if they die and they’re out of stock, or even worse, aren’t
manufactured anymore?

You’re again at the square one, so you better prepare yourself with the
knowledge that will make the choosing process a breeze.

The Most Common Earbud Tip Sizes & Why Aren’t
Always One-Fit-For-All a Good Choice?

What is the most common packaging of earbuds? Other than the headphones
and all accessories, it’s very common to receive a few different earbud tip

Usually, the earbud tips come in three different sizes. The tips that
already come on the earbuds are most likely a medium size, and you only get
smaller and larger earbud tips.

It’s a fantastic thing, but it’s not something that’s made or suitable
to help people with small ears. In most cases, even if you find different
earbud tip sizes and try all of them out,  they’re just not made to solve
such issues.

Earbud tips are made to provide a better comfort inside the ear, but
what if you’re having small ears? Different sizes won’t make a much of a

Having smaller ears isn’t that common issue, and most people don’t even
recognize they have such issue since they’re probably not using earbuds yet
solely depend on the on-ear headphones. Therefore, one-fit-for-all earbuds are
out of question.

What’s the problem here is that most people who have such issue go from
one to another earbud that is made with one-fit-for-all technology. That leaves
people endlessly spin in the circle, without a lot of success.

Then, one feature became very popular among earbud users, which is the
hook that increases stability and comfort. Even though it’s a great invention
and a great addition for the earbuds, which allows people to have more comfort
and fewer worries when doing sports – unfortunately, it’s not doing a whole lot
for people with small ears.

If you’ve tried almost everything out there, the chances that you’ve
tried ear hooks made for earbuds are high. And how did it go?

The most likely scenario is the following. You’ve given them a try,
however, you found it awkward to have them attached since your small ears
aren’t shaped like the standard-shaped ears.

It ended up being another bust, but luckily for you, you’re in the right
place right now.

Brands That Re-Create Earbud & Tips Based on
Ears Research

No matter how weird this sounds, but there are actually brands that have
gone really far to solve this issue by researching ears, identifying the
problems that occur (not only for the small ears), and then re-creating and
shaping the earbuds and creating special eartips that will fit ears of
“less-fortunate” people who have been having troubles.

Manufacturers have been aware of using ergonomics and ergonomically
shaping the headphones to achieve the best comfort possible, but in cases like
this – that didn’t do a whole lot.

Some of the most known brands in the audio world have been relying on
the researches that have been identifying ear characteristics, gender, and ear
shape connection, and different perceptions that recreate a comfort during
earbuds use.

Then, the prototype of such earbud models started being produced and
have been tested to related differences in comfort perception and use
condition. Which led to some of the first modern-ergonomic earbuds shaped after
hours of research of the ears.

Silly as it might sound, this is one of the best ways to resolve such
issues, and in case you have small ears, this might be a bit pricey and
hard-to-find solution, but it’s a solution that will is definitely worth it.

Freebit is one of the biggest manufacturers that took this solution very
seriously and was one of the first to release C-shaped earbuds that guarantee
to stay in place. They’re also highly modifiable which gives more option and
solution to people experiencing various issues with earbuds fit.

10 Tips That Will Help You Choose the Best Earbuds for Your Ears

After identifying the issues and having a glance at the possible
solution, it’s the time to get down to the thing and resolve this issue once
for all.

You don’t need to follow all these tips, however, going down the list
and trying one by one, or even combining them until you nail your earbud
selection is a great idea.

So let’s get to it!

Tip #1 – Look for Ergonomic Earbuds

It’s no secret that you will need to find earbuds that are ergonomically
shaped in order to find the right ones that will fit your small ears perfectly.

As mentioned earlier, Freebit is a brand that excels at producing such
earbuds and they even produce three different earbud styles/shapes that are
made to solve everyone’s problems.

While this might limit you to one brand and the quality of a brand –
they might solve your issue in just a few days after your decision.

Freebit features earbud style, in-ear earbuds, and hybrid – which is
described as a dream that comes true.

Tip #2 – Stop Using Cotton Swabs when Cleaning Your

As strange as this might sound, using cotton swabs for ear cleaning
isn’t as good as everyone has thought. You might’ve probably heard this before
and you even saw an innovative replacement for cotton swabs.

The reason cotton swabs aren’t good after all is that they can actually
push ear wax deeper in the ear canal, clogging your ear, risking infection,
creating hearing problems, and lastly – cause you troubles wearing earbuds.

The extra wax that gets pushed down your ear canal might prevent your
earbuds from fitting correctly and fitting into your ears as they’re supposed
to do.

While most people don’t think of it this way, we’ve listed it as a tip
#2 because it can actually solve problems even before you have to take other
measures and steps.

Tip #3 – Keep On Trying

In case ergonomic earbuds aren’t still improving the fit and staying
away from cotton swabs don’t do anything at all – sometimes you just have to
keep on trying.

When we say keep on trying, we mean to keep on testing out different
earbud models, continue the research, and continue finding the right solution
that will solve all your problems.

We’ve placed this advice to be a tip #3 because most people get
discouraged fairly easily and this will help you stay right on track. After
all, we still have 7 more tips to go.

As hard as the truth is, people with small ears have to try a lot of
earbuds before they find the right ones. And even in some cases, when you think
you’ve found the right ones – it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will feel
as good after a few days.

Therefore, don’t lose motivation and keep on trying!

Tip #4 – Pay Attention to Size & Material

As obvious as this might sound, size and material can make a big
difference and it’s not only the ergonomic design that matters.

In some cases, smaller sized earbuds can do better than ergonomic
earbuds which come in a standard size. The material goes well together with the

If you happen to find the earbuds that come in a compact size that fits
your ear canal well and they are featured in rubber or silicone material that
isn’t slick will always fit better than glossy plastic material, for example.

We know that it can be a real hassle to pay attention to almost every
single detail, but if you’re trying to find the most comfortable earbuds that
don’t sacrifice the audio or design quality, that’s what it takes.

Tip #5 – Choose Earbuds With Ear Hooks

Ear hooks are a common addition that can be seen sold together with
sports earbuds, however, they can be a perfect solution for people with small
ears. In fact, ear hooks might help you fit the earbuds you have perfectly in
your ears, without having them fall out.

What’s also great about ear hooks is that they already became universal
and are able to be purchased separately. This gives you the opportunity to
purchase a pair and use them on almost any earbuds, which increases the chances
of becoming your solution.

On the other hand, they can’t help in some cases so they’re still not a
solution that might help everyone. Also, we are pretty sure that ear hooks
can’t be attached to some ergonomic earbuds that come from brands such as

Ear hooks also come in different sizes and are made out of different
material so you can expect to do a bit of testing before finding the perfect

Tip #6 – Upgrade Your Earbuds Stabilizer

While ear hooks might be a great solution, earbuds stabilizer is
something not many people know about.

Earbuds stabilizer is basically smart cable management that is great for
both wired and wireless headphones (with a short cable), and it goes really
well with a few of other tips mentioned in this post.

You can even combine it with a pair of ear hooks and hope for the
results you’ve been looking for.

While it might be a bit of an investment, it’s something that’s being
purchased even by people who don’t have the problem we’re talking about. It’s a
great management solution, and in this case, it’s a perfect solution for people
with small ears who hate that their earbuds constantly fall out of their ears.

Tip #7 – Pay Attention to the Position

If you’re trying some of the smallest earbuds out there, you’re probably
a lot closer to finding the perfect earbuds model that will fit small ears

However, what most people forget is that you should still pay attention
to the position. Most people are used to just putting the earbuds inside their
ears and not having second thoughts about the fit or position.

You should play with the angles and try to make sure that the earbuds
match your ear canal angle-wise, which will lead to a secure position.

Earbuds fall out mostly because of the poor position and placement, and
while some people can just put the earbuds inside the ears and have no worries
or problems – other people can’t do that with any earbuds.

Yet, the earbuds have to be perfectly chosen to fit your ear shape and
ear canal. And how will you find them? By trying as many earbuds as possible,
and of course, paying attention to the position.

Tip #8 – Seat the Ear Tips Firmly

Not many people like pushing the earbuds really far down the ear canal
and it’s not the healthiest thing to do if your ears are building up a lot of
wax – but it’s something that can help in this situation.

Depending on the ear tips of your earbuds, seating the ear tips firmly
deeper in your ear canal might just do the trick.

Some of the smallest earbuds out there are made to be placed in such
manner since they’re compact and such fit will secure them from dropping.

It’s most likely you’ve never truly seated ear tips firmly in your ears,
right? Well, it’s better to give it a chance and try it out because you never
know – this might solve all your troubles.

Tip #9-  Wear the Cable Upwards

As you could’ve already seen from many athletes, wearing the cable
upwards is a very popular way of wearing earbuds.

In fact, some media swears that wearing the earbuds upwards is actually
the correct way to wear the earbuds. You still get the same effect, maybe even
a better fit, and definitely a secured fit.

Most people won’t even consider wearing their earbuds upwards, however,
it’s a solution that many people found to be very helpful and useful – at least
until the better solution is found.

The reason this tip works is because of the cable management that
doesn’t only provide better management, but also a better fit since it goes
around the ear and acts as additional support.

Tip #10 – Custom Made Earbuds

Custom made earbuds might be the most expensive choice to go for and
that’s why we’ve listed it as tip #10, but if the money isn’t a problem and
you’re looking to solve this issue once for all without cutting corners – it’s
the ideal way to do it.

There are many brands that aren’t only following the research to shape
their earbuds more ergonomically to fit all types of ears, but they also accept
custom orders where they produce earbuds that will 100% fit you personally.

As you can guess, the process can get pricey, but it’s a great solution
which will make sure you don’t have to worry about small ears, type of earbuds,
and the correct fit ever again.

Usually, custom earbuds come from well-known brands in the audio world
who deliver an outstanding audio quality and they make sure that they don’t
sacrifice any single thing so you get the best earbuds possible. Also, they
back up the custom earbuds with years of warranty, so you have nothing to worry

What if You Still Can’t Find Earbuds for Your Small

No matter how ugly the truth can be, we’re gonna say it. Some people
won’t be able to find the perfect earbuds that will solve their problems even after
reading and following these 10 tips.

Of course, we consider tip #10 to be the best and easiest way to find
the perfect earbuds, even for people with small ears. However, that might be
pricey and not there will be at least a few people who would like to go a
different route, because of the budget. And that’s okay!

If you still can’t find earbuds for your small ears, you shouldn’t give
up. We know how useful earbuds can be, and going for any other headphones type
shouldn’t be an option.

Think of Other Solutions

If you had no luck, we’re sorry to hear that, but don’t think we’re
leaving you hanging. We still have something for you, and no matter how bad it
might feel – there’s still hope!

When we say to think of other solutions, we don’t mean to look for other
brands, earbud types, or anything similar.

What we mean is to think of the brands and earbud types you’ve tried so
far. Even write them down if necessary.

Then, think of all attachments, materials, and even techniques you’ve
tried so far. This will leave you with a lot of useful information.

In case you haven’t tried the particular brand, a model or type of
earbuds that might be perfect for small ears – you’ll easily spot the missing
link and you will be able to get to work!

On the other hand, it’s also great to have a list of what you’ve tried
and done so far, so when you’re looking for more earbuds to try out – you will
know what to focus on. And every time you go out trying earbuds – even though
the trial might not be successful, you’ll be a lot closer to finding the
perfect model.


We understand how annoying the problem can be and how much you can hate
your ears, but with these tips, you have high chances of finding suitable
earbuds or a solution that will allow you to enjoy almost any type of earbuds.

If something doesn’t work out, there’s always more things to try out –
so that’s something you should keep in mind!

Brands are recognizing the problems and issues just like this, and with
such awareness – it’s just about the time to find the right earbuds that will
fit snug like a glove.