Audio-Technica ATH-RE700 On-Ear Headphones Review

Editor rating

4.7/5 on January 10, 2016 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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10 reviews


  • Great build quality
  • Use of premium materials
  • Built-in audio controls
  • Extremely clear sound
  • Fantastic sound isolation


  • Proprietary audio cable
  • Lack of bass


When we compare the ATH-RE700 with the very popular ATH M30x, it becomes very clear where its strengths and weaknesses lie. The ATH-RE700 feel right at home on the streets, where their classy design can shine, and their great build quality ensures comfort and durability. Their sound lacks certain excitement, which a direct result of their focus on music genres that don’t rely heavily on bass.

Audio-Technica is known for their distinct style and experience in designing some of the best high-fidelity headphones in the world. The ATH-RE700 high-fidelity on-ear headphones have an attractive retro look and large 40 mm drivers. Continue reading to find out if they are really as good as they seem to be.

Design and build

The Audio Technica ATH-RE700 On-Ear Headphones feature a beautiful retro design that seems as contemporary as it is timeless. The high use of soft leather and real aluminum adds to the premium feel of these headphones. Both the headband and earpads are soft enough not to cause any discomfort even after a long time of continuous use.

There are really two small problems from the design and construction point of view: the matter plastic housing can get easily scratched and the earcup adjustment mechanism is relatively loose and not as solid as we would like it to be. These issues are definitely no deal breakers, but they detract from the otherwise fantastic package.

One of two included detachable cables has a built-in in-line microphone with audio controls. This cable is perfect for on the go listening and use in office environments. The high-quality microphone lets you keep the headphones on the head while answering phone calls or talking on Skype. The only negative is the decision to use a proprietary audio connector. Audio-Technica has designed the ATH-RE700 to only accept jacks with very slim casings, making it impossible to use regular 2.5 mm or 3.5 mm ones. Fortunately, it’s still possible to purchase aftermarket cables designed specifically for these headphones.

Sound quality

The ATH-RE700 definitely don’t follow the mainstream trend of putting emphasis on the low end of the frequency spectrum. Their sound is oriented on non-bass heavy genres, such as pop, spoken word, classical music, audiobooks, jazz, and many others. It’s a welcomed change, especially when you consider just how many bass-heavy headphones are released every month. Finally, there’s also something for customers who don’t listen to just modern music genres.

Their soundstage is likable, and you will be transported to the front row of a small concert hall. This intimate feeling is further emphasized by their extreme clarity, which lets you appreciate every little detail and nuance in the music.

What is in the box?

You get two detachable cables that you can replace as you see fit.