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Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Over-Ear Headphones Review

Editor rating – 4.4/5


  • Huge soundstage
  • Clear, accurate sound representation
  • Quality cable
  • Lightweight construction


  • Weaker bass


If we would have to pick headphones based on the likability of their soundstage, the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Over-Ear Headphones would be at the very top of our list. Once you put these headphones on, you will be instantly transported to another dimension, where sound paints vivid pictures of beautiful landscapes and wondrous scenes. Their subtle elegance is even apparent in their apprehension towards exuberant displays of bass. Simply put, these headphones have a unique character, which, in our opinion, makes them worth every penny.

With their signature self-adjusting wing support construction, large 53 mm drivers with bobbin-wound CCAW voice coils, and a lightweight honeycomb aluminum casing, the ATH-AD700X are set fiercely compete with established brands such as Sennheiser.

This short review will tell you everything you need to know to make an informed decision all by yourself.

Design and build

The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X are full open-air type headphones that grab the attention of bystanders thanks to their timeless design and lightweight construction. They put so little pressure on your head that it can, at times, feel like they are going to slip out and fall down on the ground.

Make no mistake, Audio-Technica knows how to make a comfortable pair of headphones that are also mechanically flawless. The self-adjusting 3D wing support ensures total ear-fit with just a minimal pressure and no chance of headphones falling down. Flexible fabric earpads provide an additional layer of wearing comfort.

The special aluminum honeycomb casing is designed to enhance audio quality and reduce the total weight of these headphones. It looks very impressive and guarantees sufficient ventilation for your ears and head. The cable extends from a single side, and its elastic TPE sheath does a good job when it comes to preventing tangling and possible damage.

Sound quality

The newly designed 53 mm drivers and bobbin-wound CCAW voice coils result in probably the best soundstage of all headphones in this price range. The instrument separation is unlike anything you normally hear, and there is no doubt that you will have to listen to all your favorite songs again, just to enjoy all previously hidden nuances.

The overall sound signature is neutral, with bass being the less prominent part of the sound spectrum. It’s definitely there, and it’s delivered with a timely precision and good intention, but it just doesn’t have the power that would make bassheads happy. However, you also don’t experience any fatigue at all.

Listening for long hours seems completely natural. As such, these would be excellent for work.

What is in the box?

The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X Over-Ear Headphones come with a detachable 1/4” (6.3 mm) adapter.

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