AKG K 701 Studio Reference Headphones Review

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5/5 on July 28, 2015 Reviewed by: Peter Alexander

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  • Very precise, accurate in sound delivery along with a transient response, its flat-wire coil technology in is regarded as revolutionary. Overall the AKG K 701 gives you a very balanced sound
  • You also get a very accurate bass response with very lively highs. AKG patented Varimotion 2 layered diaphragm makes this possible and is an outstanding feature of the K701
  • Comfortable and close to perfect fit headphones you’ll buy with specially shaped 3D-formed ear padding along with genuine leather padding on the head band
  • Very solid and durable in construction. You are getting a quality build with the AKG K701. Overall its design feels solid and very well balanced without feeling too heavy


  • Fairly pricey – having a total retail price of approx. $350 however this is the usual going rate
  • The 3D foam causes discomfort among some if using the headphones for extended
  • They need a break in period of around 300 hours for maximum sound performance if you are a professional wanting to use these headphones
  • The non-replaceable cable compromises with their durability
  • Good for listening to jazz, classic, pop, R&B, ambient, chill out, dance and club music but not so great for hard rock and heavy metal genre (due mainly to the deeper bass)


In conclusion, the AKG K 701 studio reference are regarded as one the best in over-ear headphones. They have several great features that will make that make them very appealing for those that want a home set of headphones that have all the bells and whistles of a higher priced studio application model. Some of the outstanding things on the K 701 that make them to be among the best is the high quality sound, ultimate comfort they provide and lightweight design. Despite a few shortcomings such as the non-replaceable cable or the fact they aren’t the best for rock or heavy metal music, you’ll find overall that the AKG K 701 Studio Reference headphones will not disappoint you.

One of the best over ear headphones on the market is AKG K 701 studio reference. AKG earned recognition as the first manufacturer to apply flat wire technology in the design of premium studio quality headphones. AKG is regarded as the one of the best in over-ear headphones manufacturing and are the masters of providing sound that has brilliant highs along with very deep bass for headphones. However like with any product you should research the model first to make sure its suits your needs. This is the aim of this review on AKG K 701 studio reference headphones and will give you run down on the main features along with the main pros and cons about the AKG K 701.

Superior midrange sound:

The ultra precision diaphragm on the K701 is a great improvement on the great evolution of the of K100 design by combining two different materials on the same device. The first material helps in optimizing the motion of the diaphragm while the second one helps in dampening the undesirable modes of breakup that accompany the devices. The patented technology assists in varying the thickness of the diaphragm. The 80-micrometer center on the diaphragm has a virtual piston feature that allows for well balanced as well as undistorted frequency. In addition, the 40 micrometer handles the solid and midrange bass productions.

All of this means you end up with a sound quality that has a very accurate and wide soundstage. In fact the quality is so good that it will make poor recordings sound even worse while highlight everything in quality music recordings so much better than normal headphones. That is usually the difference between high premium headphones like the AKG K 701 and cheaper generic brands. The other difference is that premium models like the K 701 allows you to use them for a wider range of music genre listening as well as other entertainment such as movies or gaming.

Revolutionary Audio Technology:

As previously mentioned, AKG are the first apply the flat-wire technology which form the basis of a very precise and supreme sound quality that distinguishes the premium headphones over the cheaper/average models. It is this technology that gives that deep bass or the better hearing of the highs. You also will find the bass on these headphones is exceptionally very deep and may not be suited to some music genres such as hard rock or heavy metal. A lot of that type of music is more focused on the generating the sound at the mid or higher frequencies.

Comfortable Design:

The K701 have some notable features that make them very comfortable. The 3D form ear pads enhances the comfort of wearing these headphones. In addition, the ear pads provide a superior acoustical transmission. The leather headband on the K 701 is adjustable so you can have it fit the size of your head and it will sit better for extra comfort. Also being very light in weight you can wear these headphones for hours without any pressures or discomfort to the top of your head.

Nice Aesthetics:

The K 701 headphones have some aesthetically appealing finishes which almost make it pass as an Apple based product with its smooth white, sienna and aluminum finishing makes it stand out from the rest of the other headphones that you’ll find on the market. The exterior design of the ear pieces with its white and silver rounded or circle shaping along with its hi-tech mesh look surface make it a real classy and striking look that is modern, up to date and very eye catching.

Strong Build:

The overall construction of the K 701 is very sturdy. You don’t have to worry about them literally falling apart after only a few weeks. They are also robust enough to withstanding any drops by accident over a distance of 4-6 feet without breaking.

What is in the box?

AKG K701 Studio Reference Class Headphones and Bi-wiring cable with 1/4″ jack plug.

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