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ACIL H1 High-Fidelity Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Editor rating – 4.8/5


  • Quality drivers for sound optimization
  • Minimalistic yet sleek and attractive design
  • Premium and durable material
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Waterproof and sweatproof
  • Suitable for various purposes
  • 1-year warranty
  • Can be compared with more expensive models
  • Great price


  • Nothing major


If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that can be used for any purpose and yet provide a quality sound, ACIL H1 High-Fidelity Bluetooth earbuds won’t disappoint you. Technology that was used to produce these earbuds did really surprise everyone, and the combination of drivers isn’t only making sure that the earbuds last and serve well, but that the sound is balanced even after many years of use. For the price they cost, I believe they provide more value than the most earbuds you can find within this price range. It’s also worth to mention that ACIL H1 High-Fidelity Bluetooth earbuds can be compared with a few more expensive models as well which is a great thing. You’ll definitely get a true value for the price you pay, so there’s no time to waste!

Sometimes it can be tricky to tell if the earbuds are made of high-quality materials or not, or if they have a decent sound. Finding the right earphones that will meet your needs, yet be pretty versatile when it comes to its use it can end up being your worst nightmare, but do you know what’s even harder to find? Perfect sound quality paired with a great design that will meet your needs.

However, that’s why in this review, you will find out more about ACIL Audio and their H1 High-Fidelity Bluetooth earbuds. H1 are currently one of the most popular wireless earbuds in the market. And in my opinion, they offer a lot of value for the price. ACIL did their best to meet the needs of the average earbuds user. Besides the quality, ACIL also offer the 15% OFF limited time coupon code (56F6PDPF), let’s see what’s so good about their new Bluetooth earbuds. 

Design and Build Quality

ACIL H1 High-Fidelity Bluetooth earbuds look very sleek and neat at the first look. They have the minimalistic look, yet they’re very attractive and will look great when you’re wearing them. Earbuds definitely look premium, and the quality of the material can be spotted from a few feet away.

The design of ACIL H1 is truly surprising since they feel extremely good when you put them in your ears for the first time. At least, that’s how I felt. They offer a big difference when compared to other earbuds which are similarly priced. The quality improvement is simply noticed straight away. ACIL H1 Bluetooth earbuds are made from premium materials, the matte plastic and the liquid silicone combined together. In Such a combination of the two materials besides the comfort, you can expect the durability as well.

The soft silicone eartips of ACIL H1 High-Fidelity Bluetooth earbuds come in 4 different sizes. No matter what is the size of your ear canal, there is a type of the eartip that will match your ear well and provide the comfort you will need when listening to your favorite tunes at home or even during the most aggressive workouts Other than comfort, eartips of H1 provide decent sound isolation as well. The sound isolation really helps a lot in the crowded places like subway or in the traffic jam. Sure, these earbuds are suitable for various activities because they are water and sweat-proof, which makes them very suitable for sports.

One more great feature is the magnetic clasp, a magnet placed into each earbud which gives the ability to clasp the earbuds together and wear them like a necklace. It’s a pretty clever idea which makes losing wireless earbuds impossible. The only bad thing is that the ACIL H1 come in one color which might be unfortunate for some people. On the other hand, sleek matte black color can match anyone’s style and still look amazing.

Like most sports earbuds H1 are wireless, but they have a small cable that is necessary to connect two earbuds together. However, the cable is flat and thanks to that, you will never be able to experience tangling or any sort of mess with the cable. After some time, you will even forget that you’re wearing ACIL H1 Bluetooth earbuds since they’re very lightweight. They only weigh about 2.4 ounces which is super comfortable, yet it benefits the portability of the earbuds as well.

Sound Quality and Features

ACIL H1 earbuds have a superb sound quality, especially for Bluetooth earbuds. Thanks to the team of engineers who developed Knowles Balanced Armature Driver, these earbuds produce one of the clearest sounds I’ve heard so far considering the price range, of course. They have a perfect frequency balance which can reach high frequencies, while, on the other hand, it delivers very clear treble, which is brilliant.

The dynamic driver of ACIL H1 High-Fidelity Bluetooth earbuds is made to be used and operate in mid to low-frequency range. Thanks to such range, these earbuds will offer you the experience of a rich and lush bass no matter the music genre you’re listening to. Combination of the drivers used, and quality of the sound will surprise you in a good way. For instance, ACIL H1 can be easily compared with more expensive earbuds such as AKG K3003.

You will not have any problem with pairing and connection because of the Bluetooth 4.0 technology for the fastest and larger range. Such a connection will give you from 20 to 30 meters of distance, yet it will keep the perfect sound quality. Connection straight mostly depends on your distance and the battery. If you’re within the range of the Bluetooth, you won’t have any problems pairing the earbuds easily. Once you’re paired, you will be able to control the sound, play next song, volume up or down, answer or reject calls and more thorough control buttons available.

The battery is something that will amaze you. Even though these are Bluetooth earbuds, they can last you up to 11 hours on a single charge. It’s a rechargeable battery which charges through USB cable. Simply connect it to your laptop or a power bank and let it charge for 2-3 hours.

What is in The Box?

When you order and receive ACIL H1 Bluetooth earbuds, inside the package, you will find the earbuds, 4 liquid silicone eartips, user’s manual and 1-year warranty.

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