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10 Tips On How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Headsets For Truckers

10 Tips On How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Headsets For Truckers

10 Tips On How To Choose The Best Bluetooth Headsets For Truckers

Buyer’s Guide

Being a trucker is something you just got to have in yourself. Being on the road often for a long time can be exhausting and driving your way down through the towns isn’t as easy as some people might think. Bluetooth headsets are just one of the precious items truck drivers take on a go with them.

To choose the best Bluetooth headset that will help you on the road, you’ll have to pay attention to the specifications and factors. No, all headsets are the same, and truck drivers often require the most reliable headset that offers the best possible performance.

Because being on a road requires you to be equipped with the best possible equipment, including the headset that is very handy to have.

What You Should Pay Attention When Choosing Your Bluetooth Headset?

If you think that choosing a good Bluetooth headset is impossible, you are just doing it wrong. When you require the best of the best, it’s important to have a look at the specifications and understand what makes something the best.

In this case, truckers who are looking for the best Bluetooth headset will have to pay attention to some of the important factors that will play an important role in their decision.

It’s good to know what you’re looking to get out of your new Bluetooth headset before you even make the purchase. This way, you’ll be prepared to choose the most suitable headset for your needs. Then, once you know what you’re looking for, only quality is the remaining factor to pay attention to.

Therefore, here are some of the features and factors that will help anyone choose a decent Bluetooth headset made for truck drivers.

Audio and Microphone Quality

Everyone is looking at the audio and microphone quality before their headset purchase. However, when it comes to the truckers, it’s even more important to get this first factor right.

Truckers are often on a road, in their trucks, and they require a great audio quality that will offer a lot of depth, higher volumes, and maybe a bit less of a bass.

Needless to say, microphone quality is crucial for truckers. Trucks can be loud, no matter how good is the interior sound isolation, and yet truckers need to be heard clearly during any moment of their journey.

With that being said, truckers need to have the ability to hear well other speakers or audio over the surrounding noise, which can sometimes be really loud.

Even if truckers are planning to use the headset for listening to music, instead of their radios, it’s still very crucial to get the best quality possible. When we say quality, it’s easy to say that there are many other factors related to the quality.

Therefore, you must get almost all of them right. However, you should have no worries at all. Everything you need to get right is listed and explained down below in this post as well.

For example, great audio quality is related to noise cancellation, and it’s just one of many factors that can either improve or degrade the quality of a headset.

In case you didn’t know, a lot of microphones have a noise cancellation as well. It’s a feature that improves the way of communication by focusing on the voice of the speaker and eliminating the surrounding noise that could interfere with the communication channel.

Battery Life

Battery life might not be important for people who hit the gym or an hour walk in downtown. But when it comes to truck drivers, battery life is one of the most crucial factors.

Charging the headset in the truck is a possibility, but it’s not always the most efficient way to charge the headset. Usually, truckers charge their devices mostly on the stops where they stay for a night.

With that being said, it’s easy to say that professional truck drivers would prefer the longest battery life they could get. It’s definitely something that can be a real hassle for them.

While on the other hand, wired headsets might not be the best solution for truckers who are on a road and sometimes need to be free of the wires.

With the technology being better than ever before, it’s good to see how batteries are improved in any way possible. Nowadays, batteries can last up to 12 or even 14 hours on a single charge, which is amazing.

However, some of the Bluetooth headsets still don’t have such battery lifespan since they haven’t been updated to the latest technology when it comes to the batteries.

Therefore, it’s important to really pay attention to the battery itself. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to learn a bit more about the batteries we’re using on a daily basis such as capacity, type of the battery, the difference between batteries and more.

It can be extremely helpful in choosing your next Bluetooth headset, to find the longest lasting battery out there.

The thing about batteries is that it can take a day or two until you get the feel for its lasting time, and that’s what’s tricky about choosing the Bluetooth headset.

Noise Cancellation

As mentioned earlier, noise cancellation can have a crucial role in the quality of the Bluetooth headset.

Noise cancellation exists for a long time now, but it’s been only recently added to the consumer’s headsets. They do not only improve audio quality and better hearing performance, but they also prevent hearing damage and loss due to the loud music or in this case an engine and road noise.

Basically, with noise cancellation Bluetooth headset, you won’t have to deal with the surrounding noise anymore and try to outplay it by increasing the volume. Increasing the volume due to the surrounding noise can be extremely dangerous.

Users hardly notice how loud their volume is due to the surrounding noise, and yet the hearing drums can get damaged and eventually it could lead to the hearing loss.

Therefore, truckers who are often surrounded by loud traffic and even the engine of their own truck must have noise cancellation Bluetooth headset. I couldn’t recommend noise cancellation enough since they’re a very important part of the Bluetooth headset any pro truck driver can get.

They won’t only improve the audio quality but will help the truckers to have effortless conversations and calls. At the same time, they will also prevent hearing damage due to the loud volume during conversation or music.

Along with the battery life, noise cancellation might be one of the most crucial factors when choosing the new headset for truckers. With the technology available nowadays, most of the headsets have some kind of noise cancellation support.

However, make sure that the headset you’re getting has the proper noise cancellation. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a bit of the research on active and passive noise cancellation. This way, you’ll get more insight into the noise cancellation and you’ll be prepared to spot a good deal from a mile away.

There’s a big difference between active and passive noise cancellation. In my opinion, active cancellation is better, but it might use a bit more of a battery. On the other hand, passive noise cancellation doesn’t use the battery at all, but might not be as efficient as an active cancellation.

So it’s something you have to decide on your own which suits you better.

Bluetooth Range

Bluetooth range is something that might not be important to some truckers, while it might be extremely important for others.

The main reason truckers get the Bluetooth headset is to get rid of the wires which can get in the way during driving and other tasks inside the truck.

An average Bluetooth range is about 10 meters from the device it’s connected to, and any further than that, you’ll experience quality loss. There are Bluetooth headsets that can have an even bigger range. But at the same time, some Bluetooth headsets happen to, unfortunately, have even less than 10 meters of a range.

There’s a lot to do with the type of Bluetooth connection as well. While most of the time, we were used to seeing Bluetooth 3.0 connection. Nowadays, with the advances in the technology, it’s pretty common to see Bluetooth 4.0 connection available for the Bluetooth headsets.

Bluetooth 4.0 can be considered as an upgraded connection of existing Bluetooth 3.0, where 4.0 offers better connectivity, support, and even range.

Therefore, if the Bluetooth range is very important to you as a trucker, I’d recommend to never satisfy with Bluetooth 3.0, yet look further for a Bluetooth 4.0 headset. If you need more information about Bluetooth range and quality check out our “What is Bluetooth?” article.

A good Bluetooth headset will give you the ability to go as far as the distance of your truck trailer from the device you’re connected to. Therefore, if you plan to use the Bluetooth headset in the back of your truck while you’d want to leave the phone in the cabin, it’s very possible.

Design and Comfort

Needless to say, truckers most of the time wear their headsets for a really long time. Therefore, comfort is a must.

It might be one of the most important features you should pay attention to. If the Bluetooth headset isn’t comfortable and can’t be used for a long time, what’s the purpose of having the best specifications then.

The design is very important because it doesn’t only provide comfort, but also it will depend on how well the users can use their headsets.

There are a few different design types which are worth to get to know before making your decision. The two main types of headsets are over-ear and on-ear. I’m pretty sure you’ve tried both types once in your life, however, here’s a brief explanation.

On-ear headsets are the type of headsets that make sure that the cushion pads are on your ears, kind of pressing against them. While over-ear headsets make sure that your complete ear gets inside the ear cup and stays comfortably in there, where the cushion pad is surrounding your ear completely.

For most people, on-ear headsets are uncomfortable and they can actually hurt your ears after a longer period of use. Me, personally, I enjoy over-ear headsets more, and if I don’t get the chance to use over-hear headsets, I’d rather go with in-ear earbuds than on-ear headsets for a long run.

Other than that, you’ll have to pay attention to the type of cushion that goes on top of your head. It’s mostly leather or some sort of cheaper leather with a comfortable cushion that really plays an important role. It doesn’t only make sure that the top of your head doesn’t hurt from the headsets, but it’s making sure that they stay in place and fit you perfectly.

Design and comfort are as important as battery life and audio quality. Therefore, don’t sacrifice the comfort for some of the features you might find more important. It won’t pay off in the long run and you’ll end up with the headset you won’t enjoy wearing during your trucking journey.

I also wouldn’t recommend going with any unordinary designs, since the most comfortable headsets all feature a similar look and are based on a similar frame.


Weight can be considered as a part of design and comfort as well. Usually, headsets weight somewhere between 100 to 400 grams.

While that seems pretty lightweight, the effect can be felt after hours of wearing the headset. The heavier the headset is, and the less comfortable it is – the sooner you’ll feel the weight of the headset itself.

However, if you happen to have a headset that’s a bit on a heavy side, yet you have some of the best comfort pads, then it might not be such a big deal.

But considering you’ll be wearing your headset for many long hours as a trucker, I’d always recommend going with the lightest headset possible, yet with the ones that provide the best comfort cushion pads.

Weight isn’t something you should take very seriously when it comes to choosing your perfect Bluetooth headset, but it’s definitely something to keep in the back of your mind. Usually, all manufacturers state the weight of the headsets on either sales page or the packaging so it’s fairly simple to find it.

The weight also depends on the material which is used to make the headphones and can be indirectly connected with the durability of the headphones.

Therefore, I recommend you not to get crazy about the weight, but still, keep it in mind and make sure that it won’t cause any additional problems. The last thing you’d want is to get the perfect headset you’ve ever wished for and then for them to be a bit heavy on your head.

Comfortable cushions can’t do much if the weight is just a lot.


Getting a quality pair of a headset is an investment that should be done carefully. But there’s something more than just an investment.

It’s the durability of your new favorite Bluetooth headset. The worst thing that could happen is that you end up with a pair of Bluetooth headset that features everything you’ve ever wished for, and you wouldn’t change a single thing – until they stop working.

Not only you’ll lose the money you’ve invested, but you’ll also have to go into the search again and find yourself a new headset.

If you find yourself being in the rain a lot, maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to look for waterproof Bluetooth headsets. Instead, getting the Bluetooth headset with low IPX rating that will most likely get destroyed in case you end up wet. If you don’t know what IPX rating is, here is the great explainer.

However, durability will depend on the quality of design and materials that were used by the manufacturer. I would highly recommend you to get yourself a Bluetooth headset with the warranty.

The longer the warranty, the better for you! The best place to find great Bluetooth headsets with a great length of the warranty is always from well-known brands.

You’ll often find the best quality from the leading brands in the world of Bluetooth headsets and yet the established brands are the ones who trust their quality and back up their products with the warranty.

It’s hard to say from the first sight whether the headset is durable or not, but there are quite a few factors that can give you a hint.

Always look at the material that has been used by the manufacturer, have a look at the IPX rating, and a warranty.

These are just some factors that offer great insight into the durability of the headset. But, it’s a bit of a gamble at first and there’s nothing that can help.

Other than looking at everything about the Bluetooth headset you’re interested in, comparing it to other headsets, and making an evaluation.


When you’re looking to get the best of the best, the following brands isn’t a bad idea at all. Yes, brands can sometimes overprice their products, and sometimes, you might end up being better by purchasing some other brand for the same amount of money.

However, whether you believe it or not, some of the best headsets come from the biggest and the most known brands.

That’s what they do and it’s something they specialize at. But believe it or not, most brands offer very quality products at a reasonable price.

You just have to inspect the products and even compare them to other brands to see what features you can get for your budget.

Here are some of the most known brands in the world of Bluetooth headsets.

All these brands have a wide range of headset products available. And the one thing in common they have are their prices.

You will never see a brand selling different headsets for the same price. Therefore, you can always find a good quality headset from a well-known quality brand for your personal budget.

I’m not suggesting to go all out and purchase the most expensive headset from any of the brands. I’d rather suggest you find the most suitable headset for your needs and the one you will actually enjoy for the reasons you know. No matter what the price is.

You shouldn’t always follow the rule “the pricier it is – the better it is”. Yet, find out what headset would work out the best for you and why even before starting your search.

This way, you will be able to find a perfect Bluetooth headset for you, no matter the brand or price tag.

However, brands are a pretty simple and good way to start your search. Some of the most known brands probably have something you’re looking for.

Should You Go for Full Voice Operated Headset?

With the latest technology, not only we are able to enjoy Bluetooth headsets, yet we don’t even have to use any buttons at all.

You might have probably experienced some Bluetooth headsets before. Did you notice the voice that guides you through the Bluetooth connection process, other than the low battery alerts?

That would be the half-voice operated headset.

However, with full voice operated headsets, you actually don’t have to press a single button if you don’t want to.

Now, full voice operated headsets are quite a new thing still, but Amazon is one of the brands that’s doing quite good. Remember the Amazon’s Alexa?

Amazon now has introduced us to the voice-controlled headphones with the help of Alexa. This way, you can use your headphones for a lot more with some help. If you’re not a big fan of Alexa, it’s good to know that full voice operated headsets can dig into your phone and use the phone’s virtual assistant.

Therefore, you can always as Siri or Google for help instead of Alexa.

I’d definitely recommend truckers to go with the latest technology of full voice operated headsets. The last thing you want to is get distracted while you’re driving or having to stop your rig just to adjust your headset.

That’s why truckers can benefit from such a feature. Who said that truckers don’t need a bit of a help while they’re on the road, right?

And having a virtual assistant inside the headset really does make a difference. It increases the productivity, efficiency, removes human error and mistakes, and even is faster than anything we have experienced before.

Also, it’s distraction-free. You can drive and use such headset with no worry at all. Your both hands and eyes will be able to focus on the most important which is driving for the truckers.

Where Can You Buy Bluetooth Headset Designed For Truck Drivers?

Believe it or not, there are quite a few Bluetooth headsets made just for the truck drivers. Even the world’s biggest brands understand the struggle and work truck drivers have to go through every day.

And that’s why they do their best to help truck drivers do their best as well.

Online Purchase

The best place to buy Bluetooth headset as a truck driver would be the Amazon. Amazon has almost every brand featured and the number of headsets you will be able to find is just surprisingly huge.

Amazon even offers Prime for the fastest shipping. You could have the Bluetooth headset delivered right to your doors tomorrow!

The prices are really reasonable, and there are a lot of discounts going on. It’s just effortless to find a great Bluetooth headset, order it, and have it delivered really quickly.

What’s great about Amazon is that you can read actual reviews from people (verified purchasers), who have tried the same exact headset before you. Such insight leaves you informed better than any package filled with specifications.

Local Purchase

If you’re most of the time on a road and don’t find it suitable to have your new Bluetooth headset delivered to you, there are other ways as well.

Local shops are very useful if you don’t have an online payment set up for you.

I wouldn’t recommend you going to some of the local supermarkets such as Wallmart or Target. They probably have the headsets for sale, but I just wouldn’t expect to find a quality headset in a place where I shop for groceries.

Instead, I would highly recommend you to search for some local tech/electronics shops which specialize in technology or even headsets.

B&H Photo Video is a great store if you can find it locally. They have almost everything you would need when it comes to digital electronics.

Other than this store, see if you happen to find Micro Center, Kadaza, or COMP USA. You’ll find plenty of the latest Bluetooth headsets there and they’re great options if you can’t make an online purchase.


I’m familiar with the excitement everyone has when they’re shopping for their new pair of Bluetooth headset.

It’s something that shouldn’t be a hard process. Unless you find yourself complicating it, of course!

These tips and factors are something you should pay some attention to and you’ll be right on the track to get your new Bluetooth headset!

Stay careful on the road and make sure to check back in sometimes again, or even maybe share a headset name and model you chose for yourself!

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