Running and earbuds go together like peas and carrots. Nothing helps to get into the flow like a great music. But finding a great pair of earbuds for running is not a particularly easy task. You can’t really use just about any headphones that you find laying around. They need to securely fit your ears, be reasonably comfortable, resist the sweat, and also sound good.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to improve the overall fit and turn your running sessions into a delightful listening experience.

Find the Right Size of Ear Tips

When it comes to a secure fit, the most important factor is the size of ear tips. Basically, all earbuds sold today come with at least 3 different pairs, and many manufacturers include as much as 6 or 9 pairs. The basic silicon ear tips will do fine in most situations, but foam ones are often preferred for their comfort and excellent noise canceling properties. There’s no easy way how to determine the right size. You have to try out various sizes to see which fits the best.

Cord Should Go Under Your Shirt

A loosely handing headphone cord is a recipe for disaster. It tugs on earbuds making them more likely to fall out, and it’s just a matter of time before it gets caught on something causing your earbuds (and probably also your smartphone) to fly far out of your reach.

A Sweatband Is Not Just for Sweat

A sweatband can not only keep your eyes free from sweat, but it can also keep your earbuds securely in ears and prevent the cable from hanging loose. Just make sure you select one that doesn’t add too much pressure; otherwise, you could experience discomfort from the earbuds being pushed too far down your ear canal.

Use Ear Clips

Ear clips, the small plastic pieces that hook around your ears, often come included with many sports and outdoor-oriented earbuds for free. They can work wonders and there’s really no downside to using them. If you don’t have a pair, Amazon or eBay will have you covered.

Keep Your Earbuds Clean

Keeping your earbuds clean is not only a very healthy habit that could save you from a painful ear infection, but it also helps to keep them securely in place. Sweat and moisture can act as lubricants and make it impossible to keep the earbuds on when running. Additionally, small, crusty pieces of ear wax left on ear tips can scratch the surface of your ear canal, which is definitely not something you want to happen.

Go Wireless

Last but not least, there are wireless earbuds. Modern Bluetooth earbuds for running offer great sound quality without any of the hassle that comes with wired earbuds. Most of them are designed to be very durable and resistant to water and sweat. Feel free to check out our recent article where we go over the best models that are currently available. You’ll be surprised just how much have wireless earbuds evolved over the past few years.