8 Best Songs That Will Help You Test Your Headphones Like a Pro

8 Best Songs That Will Help You Test Your Headphones Like a Pro

You’ve found headphones that you like, you’ve probably checked a few reviews, and even the customer reviews check out, but how do you actually know if the headphones are really worth the price and if the sound quality will be fit for your needs? Testing. It’s all about testing. But how does one actually tests […]

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Is It Illegal To Wear Headphones While Driving?

Is it illegal to wear headphones while driving

Driving and listening to music sounds like fun, right? It’s like jogging and music, right? Not so much, there are some key differences between these two, and the law might just be one of them. Wearing headphones while driving might be legal in many US states, but it’s still dangerous in all of them. We […]

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Can Headphones Work After Being Washed?

Can Headphones Work After Being Washed

There’s an endless number of times I’ve forgotten to take something out of my pockets before throwing the clothes into the washing machine. But believe it or not, headphones can be washed, whether that was intentionally or not. Whether can headphones work after being washed depends on many different factors. How did you wash your […]

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Do Headphones Require a Power Source?

Do Headphones Require a Power Source

Headphones became a necessity in this loud, busy world. Even at home, people will always wear them while doing their daily stuff on the computer or listening to music, so as not to disturb other residents. We usually take them as granted, and as is. If you are here with us, that means you want […]

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Can music help you fall asleep?

Can music help you fall asleep

If there’s one thing that most of us want to focus on, that would definitely be to find a way so we can fall asleep quickly and with great results. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to consider here, as long as you pick the right music to enjoy before bedtime. What you have to […]

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How music affects the brain?

How music affects the brain

Music is known to have a great effect on your brain, to the point where it offers you a tremendous set of opportunities and really good results. But at the same time, some people suggest that music is actually bad for your brain and it can have a negative impact in more ways than one. […]

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Why music education is important?

Why music education is important

Music is fun and great to listen to, but on the other hand, you have to ask yourself whether music education is necessary or not. There are many places and ways you can obtain music education, and it can surely bring in front some really good results for you. Then you do realize that various […]

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Will Headphones Make You Deaf?

Will Headphones Make You Deaf

Headphones are very useful for listening to music in many different situations. Besides your favorite tunes, you can also listen to the audio recordings you like without disturbing or letting anyone around you know what you’re up to. Yes, headphones can cause a permanent hearing loss, meaning that you might go deaf, however, it only applies […]

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Can music help you focus while studying?

Can music help you focus while studying

If there’s one thing that some people have trouble with, that would definitely be getting the concentration needed to complete various projects. But you can do this with the right approach, it all comes down to finding the right way to complete such a thing. And that’s where listening to music comes into play. Does […]

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Are music cassettes worth anything today?

Are music cassettes worth anything today

Music cassettes were quite impressive in the 80s and 90s, but they quickly faded away into obscurity for a very long time. Yet despite all of that, they still have a certain appeal and that’s why quite a lot of people collect them. The reasons are rather diverse, some of them collect due to nostalgia, […]

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Noise-Isolating vs Noise-Cancelling (What’s the difference?)

Noise-Isolating vs Noise-Cancelling What's the difference

Noise cancelling headphones are becoming increasingly popular as technology advances and reaches new highs in terms of availability and performance. These days, you can buy an excellent pair of noise cancelling headphones for a very affordable price and they will perform to the highest standards. However, despite noise cancelling headphones being very popular, there is […]

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What is Bluetooth?

What is bluetooth

Bluetooth is a way of transmitting data over short distances invented in 1994 by a well-known telecom vendor Ericsson. A very interesting fact is that the name “Bluetooth” comes from Scandinavian and refers to a king who united Danish tribes and the logo is not simply a stylized letter “B”, but it was actually created […]

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