About Us

At Headphones Lab, we are deeply passionate about music and sound. The feelings that beautiful music can evoke easily match even the most intensive sensations known to men. However, to achieve such experience, it is absolutely paramount to use high-quality audio equipment. From portable earbuds for outdoor use to noise-canceling headphones for travel or open-design high-fidelity over-the-ear headphones for home leisure.

We specialize in headphones reviews and the creation of the most comprehensive and useful comparison charts that you can find anywhere online. This combination lets you quickly read in detail about any pair of headphones you like and then compare this pair with the rest of the headphones in its category.

Of course, a good pair of headphones or earbuds is about more than just how great they sound. Without proper fit and durable design, even the more expensive models become virtually useless. That is why we focus on each individual aspect and only after a throughout analysis arrives at our final conclusion. In other words, we review headphones as end-users and not just music lovers. Some flaws are obvious from the first second while other flaws become apparent only after extensive use. When we say that a pair of headphones is worth your money we want you to feel the same.

Investing in a high-quality audio setup can be a costly affair. Just how much you really want to spend will depend on many factors. We do our best to take these factors into consideration and always compare products within their own category. That is what makes Headphones Lab unique and trustworthy source of headphone reviews and comparison charts.