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Headphones Lab is an American-based audio company specializing in providing unmatched headphones product review for different types of activities, including products with unique designs and purposes such as gaming and business applications. After all, Headphones Lab is a group of music experts, audiophiles, and geeks!

Founder Andrew P. Farrell and his best friend– now Managing Editor of Headphones Lab, Randy B. Thatcher, both graduated at the Community College of Philadelphia, PA as Sound Engineers. In 2014, they finally decided to make it official and started Headphones Lab as a blog and made HeadphonesLab.com a reality in 2015.

Dedicated to producing high-quality, unbiased, and truthful content, Andrew and Randy hired 3 more awesome audiophile professionals who’re also dedicated and passionate in the field.

Now hitting over 113,000 visitors per month (as of May 2019), Headphones Lab is even more dedicated to providing reliable and accurate product reviews for their current and future readers.

Why You Should Trust Us…

Comprehensive and unbiased product reviews.

Honestly, we’re tired of reading random product roundups just for the money. We take our guides, comparisons, and reviews with pride. Which is why you can rely on the quality of every single content we have in Headphones Lab. More specifically, we include useful charts and accurate numbers for comparison– for all you audiophiles out there!

How Do We Make Money?

In order for us to keep on producing quality content for our readers, we place advertisements and Amazon affiliate links on the website.

And don’t worry– purchasing products from these links have NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. But we do get commissions from Amazon as their way of saying “thanks!” for featuring products from their website.

The products featured on Headphones Lab are products that we trust and personally tested. This means featured products have undergone intensive tests to see if it’s really worth mentioning.

Who are the Guys Behind Headphones Lab?

Great minds really do think alike– after all, that’s exactly what keeps the Headphones Lab team together.

Producing genuine product reviews for various audio applications and needs such as business, gaming, and physical activities for more than 5 years now, meet the team that made Headphones Lab possible:

Andrew Farrell

Andrew P. Farrell


Before Andrew graduated at the Community College of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, he was a freelance sound engineer for a starting company specializing in game audio. His extensive knowledge about spatial sound is what pushed him to start HeadphoneLabs.com so he can deliver genuine reviews for audiophiles and gamers alike. If he’s not listening to his all-time favorite British rock band, Queen, he’s listening to classical jazz.

Randy B. Thatcher

Randy B. Thatcher

Managing Editor

Randy is one true audiophile. He was 8 when he discovered he was madly in love with headphones. Since then, no matter if he’s listening to music or playing games at home, it has to be played through headphones that can do it justice (just as meticulous as Brian below!). Wanting to specialize in this field, he took sound engineering at the Community College of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, where he met Andrew. And just as often as a girl changes clothes, Randy is always up for new headphones in the market. So, if you’re looking for quality headphone reviews, Randy’s your guy.

Elizabeth B. Anderson

Elizabeth B. Anderson

Community Manager

On top of being a Social Media Speaker and Consultant, Elizabeth is also born an audiophile. This passion is what pushed her to help and make businesses in the music industry understand the power of social media. Currently, she’s working with another expert in social media marketing to co-author a book that talks about why businesses should never leave out social media marketing.

Brian Murray

Brian Murray

Audio Enthusiast/Writer

Whether relaxing at home or working out, Brian’s always listening to music. As a true audio snob though, no matter what he’s listening to, be it jazz, classical, or hip-hop, it has to be played through headphones that can do it justice. Meticulously obsessed with the quality and sound of every pair of headphones, Brian has taken it upon himself to find the best headphones for every genre’s unique sound. This journey has wound him up here, as a writer for Headphones Lab!

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